Beth Fletcher Walden, Senior Fellow

Beth Fletcher Walden is an RCLA senior fellow and an experienced management consultant with over 25 years of working with organizations in the development and implementation of long-term plans.

Beth’s particular focus is in assisting mission-driven organizations to set a path for the future that optimizes and leverages internal resources while considering the realities of the external environment. Beth works closely and in partnership with her clients in crafting processes that allow an organization’s senior leadership and governing bodies to come together in settings that foster collaboration to identify strategic goals and objectives that will achieve long-term success.

Most recently Beth served as vice president for Strategic Planning at Trinity Church Wall Street, where she led the development of Trinity’s ten-year program strategic plan and the design of a multi-year operating plan that allowed Trinity to focus on the development of internal resources and the identification and cultivation of external partnerships in support of Trinity’s strategic intention. In addition, while at Trinity, Beth directed the design and implementation of a capital strategy and asset allocation system and policies to support ongoing decisions on financial asset organization and deployment. 

Before joining Trinity in 2003, Beth’s career was dedicated to the provision of management consulting services focused on facilitating strategic plans and building the leadership and staff capacity of organizations within the public and not-for-profit sector.

For 19 years, Beth worked with the international consulting firm, Hay Group, where she was the director of the firm’s Not-for-Profit Consulting Practice. This practice, the first of its kind within the Hay Group, provided services that were solely dedicated to providing a full range of services to community service organizations, NGOs and not-for-profit organizations. Beth and her staff developed tools, materials and programs that assisted not-for-profit and NGO leaders and managers in building effective and efficient organizations with clear visions, responsive missions and motivated and resourceful staff.

While still with the Hay Group, in the early 1990’s, Beth turned her attention to the questions of strategic leadership and organization change.  She founded the firm’s first organization transformation and change practice. The new consulting group based in New York City, HayAlliances, was an innovative and cutting-edge consulting practice designed to provide support to organizations in times of transition and to increase capacity to take effective action through visionary leadership, clear strategic directions and the development of leaders at all levels of the organization. Systems for development of key managers were a significant aspect of the new Hay programs. Cornerstones of this practice were the principles and values of the HayAlliances staff, with their focus on collaboration, creativity and leader effectiveness.

Beth was the principal architect of the UNICEF management reform process and provided consulting services in the development of methods and structures to guide the process of transforming this 7,000 person UN Agency, as the Convention on the Rights of the Child took hold, to an organization that “begins with the child” and works back from the field to headquarters thus becoming decentralized and customer-focused. An important element of Beth’s work at UNICEF was centered on helping the UN Agency to adjust the organizational mission and structure to accommodate changes in the external marketplace in countries and regions throughout the world.

Beth is currently working to develop a leadership and talent development program for the National Academy Foundation.  She is the program leader of the Action Learning Program for a leadership development pilot program at Communities in Schools. Her ongoing work includes coaching and development of Department Chairs across New York University.

Beth has worked successfully inside organizations at the senior staff level, as a member of leadership teams, and as a department and functional manager. And she has worked successfully as an external consultant, bringing a depth of expertise to address always-unique organizational challenges.

Beth holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.