The Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program (GWSLP) is a program developed by NYU Wagner’s Research Center for Leadership in Action, in collaboration with Fundación Mujeres por África and Banco Santander. The program offers a one-year, cohort-based leadership development program for women in mid-level positions in Ghanaian civil society organizations. The program provides rich leadership development, individualized coaching and networking opportunities. GWSLP aims to provide women participants with the skills and support needed to lead transformational change in their communities and society at large.

Across Ghana’s strong and vibrant civil society, women are making invaluable contributions to their country’s social, economic, and political growth. However, their contributions are often underrepresented, and many lack access to positions of higher authority. The Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program offers an opportunity for mid-career women to grow as leaders, prepare themselves to take on new leadership roles and tackle pressing issues in their communities.

The program is part of Ghana Wins! a partnership program delivered by New York University, that aims to strengthen the capacity of Ghanaian women as leaders in the key sectors of healthcare, education and civil society.



The GWSLP aims to design and deliver a leadership development curriculum, support participants in developing Action Learning Plans (ALPs) and, build a robust pipeline and network of Ghanaian women leaders.

The GWSLP aims to:

  • Design and deliver a Transformational Leadership Development Curriculum, including training and coaching components, for 15 women leaders per year, that enhances their leadership capabilities and prepares them for higher-level leadership roles in various civil society organizations;
  • Support participants in developing Action Learning Plans (ALPs) that allow women to achieve personal leadership goals, augment their project management skills and collaborate with key stakeholders as they tackle a project which will strengthen their organization and address challenges related to the environment, peace and security or gender equality; and,
  • Build a robust pipeline and Network of Ghanaian women leaders who become role models and incubators of leadership for other women in Ghana as they prepare themselves to lead institutions and social sector organizations.

The Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program begins with an intensive weeklong leadership development institute in Ghana that focusses on building leadership skills and strengthening core management competencies. As a central focus of the training, participants identify a pressing organizational or community need and design an action-learning project to address it.

Mid-way through the program, participants are invited to attend a leadership development institute in New York City as an opportunity to continue building robust knowledge and skills for advancing community change. The GWSLP is practice-oriented and encourages women participants to apply their learnings in their work, and culminates with a closing summit that brings together the various elements of the yearlong experience while offering an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the year.

The program focuses on six core components; leadership institute in Ghana, action-learning projects, small group coaching, leadership institute in New York city, individualized assessment and feedback and networking opportunities.