2013-2014 Cohort Participants

  • Wendy Naa Yaaboko Abbey
    Acting Executive Director, Human Rights Advocacy Centre

    Wendy Abbey has six years' post graduate professional experience in human rights and social protection. Three years of her work have been in management positions, first as a Coordinator for Reproductive Rights and HIV Programs and since February 2013 as Acting Executive Director of the Human Rights Advocacy Centre (HRAC) in Accra, Ghana.


    As part of an Access to Justice Program at the HRAC, Wendy supervises the operations of a 104-member network of pro bono lawyers providing confidential legal aid to indigent and vulnerable populations in Ghana. Wendy is also the liaison between the HRAC and its focal constituencies of policymakers, community leaders, vulnerable populations and donors. She works on behalf of project communities to ensure compliance with donor project deliverables.


    In her management positions, Wendy worked actively on project development, fund sourcing and implementation of human rights projects. She has both supervised and participated in over eight major research, advocacy and community outreach projects aimed at protecting the rights of vulnerable populations such as women, children, refugees and remand prisoners in Ghana. She is dedicated to shaping policy interventions to ensure fair and equal treatment and protection of the dignity of all persons. These policy interventions cover all levels of national social justice programs on HIV and AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, legal aid and access to justice.


    In 2012, Wendy was part of a team of researchers conducting the first ever legal audit of HIV and AIDS related laws and policies in Ghana. The report influenced the National Commissions on HIV and AIDS in Ghana to develop a National Draft Bill on HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections. She also organized stakeholders’ forums with the executive body of the National Health Insurance Authority in 2011. These forums influenced the inclusion of a provision on family planning commodities coverage under the 2012 National Health Insurance Scheme Act.


    Wendy has experience delivering human rights presentations at the international and domestic levels. She has represented the HRAC at forums in Ethiopia, Malaysia and the United States. Currently, Wendy manages and coaches a team of HRAC local staff and international interns who work to protect the human rights of all persons in Ghana.


    Wendy is passionate about the protection of the human dignity of all persons and through her work she is dedicated to efforts that create an all-inclusive social justice system in Ghana.

  • Esenam Abra Ahiadorme
    Programme Officer for Governance, Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF Ghana)

    Esenam is a dedicated professional with five years of experience in human rights, gender rights, community development, project design and management. Currently, Esenam works with Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF Ghana) as Programme Officer for Governance in charge of coordinating the We Know Politics II project aimed at monitoring women participation and representation in decision-making structures and state obligations towards the implementation of the National and International Treaties Law. In this capacity, Esenam also coordinates the Oil and Gas project aimed at educating women on how to engage with oil and gas actors to ensure responsiveness to women’s concerns, accountability and transparency in managing oil and gas resources.


    As Programme Officer, she is in charge of the implementation of several activities under the We Know Politics and Oil and Gas projects including creating a platform for community members to engage with district assembly officials; building the capacity of community members, in particular women; monitoring government compliance and follow-up on human rights, treaties and conventions; ensuring fair representation of women within government and political party structures; recommending the appointment of women into government leadership positions to ensure women’s rights adherence; developing reporting tools and conducting visits to government offices at the district, regional and national levels to assess progress on goals and inform the development of future strategy.


    Prior to joining WiLDAF Ghana, Esenam worked with World Vision International, the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, Dodowa District and the Women and Development Project (WADEP) in Nkwanta South District. All these organizations work primarily with women, children, youth, community development, economic and social justice and human rights.


    Esenam has a Bachelor’s in Social Work and Sociology from the University of Ghana. She also holds a diploma in adult education from the University of Ghana, a Teacher’s Certification from Jasikan Teacher Training College and a General Certificate of Education from Taviefe Secondary School.

  • Patience Antonio
    Senior Human Resource Specialist, Compassion International Ghana

    Patience is a passionate achiever with over fifteen years of experience in development work, human resource development and management and project management. She has worked with both international and national nongovernmental organizations like Freedom from Hunger, Habitat for Humanity and Training, Research and Networking for Development (TREND). She is currently Senior Human Resource Specialist at Compassion International Ghana where she has held other positions including Program Communications Manager, Senior Training Officer, Community Development Expert and Training and Support Manager.


    Within her current role, Patience has led her office to improve employee engagement through measurable indicators from Gallup surveys, develop a comprehensive Employee Handbook and create an on-line job application process. She has also trained managers and supervisors in behavioral interview process and built staff capacity in areas such as performance management, time management, and multi-tasking.


    Prior to her current role, Patience took up assignments in rural housing, water and sanitation, micro-finance, institutional capacity building, health education and holistic child development. She did these assignments with funding from the World Bank, DANIDA, Germany Development Services, the Department for International Development, Plan Ghana, Action Aid Ghana and Compassion International. In addition, Patience was a trainer for Peace Corps Volunteers in Ghana and assisted in a number of research work with the Department of Social Work at the University of Ghana, Legon, under the sponsorship of UNICEF. She co-authored “Social Work in Ghana: A Participatory Action Research Project looking at Culturally Appropriate Training and Practice” published in Social Work Education. Vol. 28, No.2, March 2009, pp. 145-164.


    Patience holds a Masters in Business Administration and a degree in Social Work both from the University of Ghana, Legon. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), USA and the Institute of Human Resource Practitioners, Ghana.


    Based on Gallup’s StrengthFinder assessment, Patience’s top five strengths are responsibility, achiever, futurist, learner and belief. She is self-motivated, results oriented with proven capability to lead people; a good team player, keen on acquiring knowledge on new or current innovations and has excellent communications skills. She enjoys reading, interacting with people, travelling and listening to inspirational messages and music.

  • Regina Antwi
    Relations Manager, Leading Ladies Network

    Regina Antwi is passionately dedicated to inspiring and motivating young people to maximize their personal growth and realize their leadership potential. This passion for social change and leadership began during her years as a student in Accra Polytechnic where she served as Vice President for the Department of Purchasing and Supply and Student Representative at the Council Women’s Commissioner of Accra Polytechnic. After completing her studies at Accra Polytechnic, Regina went on to serve her nation as the National Women’s Commissioner for Ghana National Union of Polytechnic Students.


    Following her experience at Accra Polytechnic, Regina has volunteered as an HIV/AIDS peer educator and been part of the ABANTU for Development team ensuring peaceful election during the 2012 elections. She has also been part of the Youth Leadership Training Programme organized by Friedrich–Ebert–Stiftung Ghana (FES), which trains on a broad range of leadership skills including negotiation, communication and facilitation.


    Regina believes that mentoring is a vital tool in the life of any young, ambitious and energetic person. As part of her role at the Leading Ladies Network, a non-governmental organization that supports women’s development, Regina dedicates her time to mentor young ladies and help them realize their dreams. Together with her team, she has established six Junior High School Clubs of almost 300 members, working to build the confidence of young ladies and encourage them to be ‘servant leaders’. Her inspiration comes from the desire to see these young ladies not only develop themselves but also their communities.


    Regina holds a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Purchasing and Supply Management Studies from Accra Polytechnic and a certificate in NGO Management from Cambridge Centre of Excellence, Ghana. During her time off, she either relaxes at home by listening to music, watching movies or hanging out with friends.

  • Noelle Theara Appiah
    Legal Aid Coordinator, International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA-GHANA)

    Noelle is a passionate and goal driven legal aid coordinator with seven years’ experience at the legal aid department at the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA).


    Noelle was raised by parents whose beliefs were that one must constantly strive to touch lives of others around us in order to live a much fulfilled life. Growing up as the last child of the family taught her that hard work and thrift are sometimes the only things a person needs to succeed in life. As a young adult, she committed her limited resources to help those who needed money to continue with their education. She also offered them advice where necessary and any assistance they needed to pursue their aspirations. Throughout her life she has always known that helping others would be an integral part of her career.


    Noelle began her career at FIDA as a National Service Personnel where she transitioned to Program Assistant and is currently Legal Aid Coordinator. Her hard work, resourcefulness and strengths have contributed to her personal trajectory and the organization’s development. In one example, Noelle suggested to management, during a staff meeting, that using the organization’s resources to rent was not as prudent as buying its own space. As a result, FIDA is currently occupying its own office.


    Her event planning skills and ability to take initiative have been key to her experience as the organizer for two conferences for female lawyers and female executives. Currently, Noelle is working on a third conference for 2013. Fundraising has also become integral to her skill-set and enabled Noelle to incorporate fundraising principles to her organization’s conferences to raise money for the sustainability of the legal aid program. These experiences have helped her develop an understanding of responsibility, improved her interpersonal skills and given her increased confidence.


    Working in FIDA has also strengthened her skills and competencies in proposal writing and grant management. Recently she had the opportunity to facilitate a learning and sharing meeting for state actors on how to be responsive to women’s rights violations. At this meeting, she also made a presentation on the trends of women’s rights violations cases at FIDA which was featured in the National daily newspaper.


    Noelle aspires to be a lawyer and women’s right advocate. She has a strong passion for helping the vulnerable and helping marginalized women access justice. Noelle currently resides in Accra, Ghana. When she is not at work organizing and participating in outreach programs, trainings or monitoring visits, she is busy in the kitchen cooking for the family or planning an event for friends and family.

  • Mary Yaa Ayim
    Assistant Lecturer, National Film and Television Institute

    Mary has over five years’ experience in radio and television news production as news producer, assignment editor, research executive and reporter. Currently, she is an assistant lecturer at the Broadcast Journalism department of the National Film and television Institute (NAFTI) in Accra. In this position, she teaches, anchors, produces and reports for the institute’s television magazine program INDEPTH.


    Previously, Mary served as a Public Relations Manager for Ogilvy Africa Media, Ghana. In that position, she was involved in the planning, developing and implementing of public relations strategies; as well as researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media.


    Mary enjoys volunteerism especially with regards to children’s educational needs. She is also curious about the circumstances leading to high incidence of maternal mortality in Africa and in particular Ghana. Her areas of interest include broadcast journalism, public relations, gender and development and maternal health.


    She is waiting to be awarded a post graduate diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from the University of Education Winneba, Ghana. She has a Certificate in Television Field Reporting from Canal France International (CFI). She holds a Master’s in Communication with her research on women’s participation in political talk shows on TV, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana.


    Mary enjoys reading, cooking, watching football and volunteerism. She is married to Jasper Segbefia and is blessed with a son.

  • Miracle Damanka
    Development Director, OrphanAid Africa

    Miracle Abena Damanka is an Information Studies graduate with over six years of experience in both in both the public and private sectors, including field experiences in Ghana and Mauritania. Committed to people development and to enlarging the entrepreneurial space for young people in Africa, Miracle specializes in administration, strategic planning, project and grant management, training and facilitation, pro-poor enterprise and microfinance – the expertise necessary for leading the poor to sustainable development and financial independence.


    After her undergraduate studies in the University of Ghana, Legon, Miracle trained in conflict resolution, social work, microfinance and pro-poor enterprise, operations management and project management. Miracle has served with the U.S. Peace Corps Ghana, ECLOF Ghana (now CCML) and is currently the Director of Development for OrphanAid Africa. She also serves as the National Consultant for Innovations for Financial Inclusion (IFI).


    A woman with extraordinary passion for social change and development for the marginalized, she will stop at nothing to ensure that the Orphans and Vulnerable Children of Ghana receive the attention they deserve. Miracle founded Abapa Fie Company Limited, a microfinance institution, and also Finlit Ghana, a nongovernmental organization that implements projects for economic empowerment of the poor and provides all its beneficiaries with financial literacy education.


    Aside from her professional life, Miracle is involved in Christian Youth Ministry and is a member of Christlike Disciplemakers Movement. Miracle and Christian are happily married and blessed with a daughter, Adeline. Her hobbies include acting and listening to music.

  • Joyce Lena Danguah
    Project Officer, Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre

    Lena is a hardworking and passionate development worker with a desire to inspire young women to develop the interest and love for writing. She holds a postgraduate degree in Project Management from the University of Ghana Business School, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Secretaryship and a Diploma in Education from the University of Cape Coast. She loves writing especially about her dreams, thoughts and experiences.


    She has over her working life, gained experience, skills and competencies in the areas of human resource development, women’s rights advocacy and facilitation.


    Lena is currently a Project Officer with the Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre, a Women’s Rights Organization, based in Accra, Ghana where she coordinates the Centre’s advocacy and communications activities. She manages the organization’s website, social media sites as well as newsletter production. She has improved the layout of the Centre’s newsletter, the Genderlens, having created new and interesting pages, namely The Gender Agenda, On the National Platform and Lighter news. These have served as sources of attractions, increasing the readership of the newsletter and also inspiring staff.


    Previously, she had worked with WaterAid Ghana, an international nongovernmental organization operating in the water and sanitation sector, as an Administrative Assistant, Programmes Assistant and Programmes Officer where she coordinated the organization’s programs in the three northern regions (Northern, Upper East and Upper West) of Ghana. She also served as the Gender Focal Person of the organization, leading and coordinating the mainstreaming of gender in the programs and projects of the organization as well as its eight Partner organizations across the country.


    Lena aspires to be a source of motivation to young women who desire to develop an interest in and also improve their writing and documentation skills in order to share their interests, passions and dreams with the outside world.


    Her publications include:

    1. The Gender Agenda: Walking the talk at all levels, (July– Sep 2003)

    2. Female Biological And Gender Roles: A Trap, An Imposition Or An Agreed Role? – Stories From The Field. (October – December 2004)

    3. Up Close With Women Beneficiaries Of Our We Know Politics II Project (April 2012)

    4. The Dream Of A Beautiful Adult Life: Through The Eyes Of An Orphan In Seikwa Tainso (July 2013)


    Lena is a proud mother of a daughter and two sons as well as a wife. She is a Charismatic Christian and worships with the Perez Chapel, Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana. In her spare time, she loves being around her children and cooking their favorite meals.

  • Grace Wornyo
    Programme Officer for Human Resources, Abantu for Development

    Grace possesses thirteen (13) years of experience as the Human Resource officer for ABANTU for Development, a gender rights and policy advocacy organisation. As a gender activist, Grace is dedicated and passionate with the work of women’s movement in Ghana and in the sub region.  Her roles include continuous engagement with ABANTU’s constituents at different levels especially at the local and national levels of governance. Prior to her position as the Human Resource officer, Grace coordinated ABANTU’s Young Women’s Mentorship Programme for over past seven (7) years; a position that has given her the opportunity to mentor a significant number of young women from the second cycle institutions and to take up leadership challenges. Fortunately, about 80% of these young women have actually assumed offices of leadership at different capacities upon entering the tertiary institution and even afterwards. Through these myriad of experiences Grace has witnessed and appreciated different groups of women moving through political aspirations and / or careers from being mentees through to local level or district assembly aspirants and members; and then as members of parliament. Grace has also participated and contributed at national, regional and international workshops and conferences.  These included the Association for Women’s Rights in Development’s (AWID) 11th International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development on the theme: “The Power of Movements” held on November 14-17, 2008 in South Africa; a Community of Practice (CoP) for young women’s mentorship; an interactive and sharing conference in Canada and has also attended several other workshops on gender and development.

  • Beauty Emefa Narteh
    Communications Officer, Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition

    Beauty is a passionate development communicator and currently serves as Communications Officer at Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition, a multi-stakeholder grouping of public, private and civil society organizations with the sole aim of building a national effort to confront the problem of corruption and devise effective control measures.


    Beauty facilitates communication and advocacy activities to assure stakeholder commitment and consensus building in the fight against corruption in Ghana. Beauty mobilizes support through citizen awareness and sensitization on anti-corruption laws, especially the Whistleblower Act 2006 (Act 720). Beauty also coordinates the World Bank-funded West Africa Contract Monitoring Network in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The project supports multi-stakeholder networks to monitor contracts and to advocate for improved governance in priority sectors.


    Beauty’s professional experience includes over seven years’ experience in diverse development issues including sustainable forest management, advancing the rights of the socially disadvantaged, gender rights and good governance. Beauty held diverse roles including Communications Manager at the Working Group on Forest Certification where she engaged forest fringe communities on sustainable forest management, provided technical support and established a media advocacy team for the promotion of forest certification in Ghana. She worked with BasicNeeds International to create a voice for people with mental illness, address their state of poverty and advocate for their reintegration into society. In the area of gender, Beauty worked with the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT) to support rural development and literacy activities for women in 24 language communities in Ghana.


    Beauty served as the first President of the Ford Foundation Fellows in Ohio University and subsequently served as the Assistant Secretary to the International Fellowship Program Association of Ghana (IFPAAG) until May 2013. Beauty holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Communication and Development and a graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from Ohio University, United States. Beauty also has a certificate in Executive Communications and Governance Reform from the World Bank and the Annenberg School in the United States. In her spare time, Beauty likes to listen to Christian music.

  • Linda Ataa Nyarko (Osabutey)
    Shelter Manager, Challenging Heights

    Linda is a young leader and social work professional in Ghana and Africa. Linda has been a strong force behind global actions towards ending modern-day slavery around the world. Having significantly contributed to the lives of several young Ghanaians, especially women, through personal initiatives and educational leadership opportunities, Linda joined Challenging Heights in 2011. This presented to her an opportunity to achieve her passion by contributing to Challenging Height’s vision of “a world where every child is in school and living in a loving and caring family”.


    Linda is currently a Senior Staff and a member of Challenging Heights’ Management Committee. As the Rehabilitation Manager, Linda provides oversight responsibility and leadership for 21 staff in the day-to-day operation of Challenging Heights’ Hovde House; a 65-person capacity transitional shelter for victims of child slavery and abuse in Ghana. In 2012 while in the above capacity, Linda alone was able to provide holistic rehabilitation and onward reintegration of 111 former child slaves rescued from the fishing industry of Ghana. As a social work professional, she has strong experiential knowledge and skills in managing social change through participatory approach, project management, conflict management, behavior management and modification for traumatized children and monitoring and evaluation of development interventions.


    Prior to joining Challenging Heights, Linda worked with the National Youth Authority of Ghana where she had the opportunity to manage a National Youth Network on adolescent reproductive health. In this role, she led a team of six young men and women to launch the network in all the ten administrative regions of Ghana. Linda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social Work from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. She however looks forward to taking a postgraduate degree in the area of social work or international development soon. In Linda’s spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking and swimming.

  • Ernestina Ofoe
    Intern-Volunteer, Totally Youth

    Ernestina is a passionate and self-motivated young woman with experience in marketing, communications, project coordination, public speaking and advocacy on women and youth issues.


    Ernestina worked as Assistant Projects Coordinator and Spokesperson for Women in Democracy with Political Safari, a political participation project developed by Urban Republic, a film production company based in Los Angeles and Ghana. Women in Democracy sought to promote peace and women’s participation in governance. Ernestina also helped in the screening of the movie “An African Election” where she facilitated an open dialogue with movie attendees. The film screening and dialogue reached over five million people in Ghana and contributed to educating Ghanaians towards peaceful elections.


    Prior to this project, Ernestina served as Women’s Commissioner of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), a national organization that empowers female students to aspire and work their way to leadership positions on campus and beyond. As part of the organization’s coaching efforts, Ernestina embarked on a nationwide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project to provide training in leadership and advocacy. Most beneficiaries of the project are currently employed in paid positions while in school and are using the skills acquired through the project. Others have taken up leadership positions on campus that were once held by men. Statistics show that since the project, there is a forty percent increase in female leadership in tertiary institutions across the country.


    Ernestina speaks frequently at public forums and media stations on social, gender, and youth issues earning the title of social commentator. Ernestina would like to see more women educated and contributing to development in all spheres of life. She wants to end all discriminatory practices and policies against women and empower women to gain economic independence. These themes echo through all of her presentations.


    Currently, Ernestina works as Intern-Volunteer at Totally Youth where she performs administrative and program functions. As a volunteer to the Girls ICT Weekend Club, she helps train young girls in ICT. With support from the Ministry of Communications, the Club has trained about three hundred girls from junior and senior high schools in ICT. Forty of these girls won laptops and mobiles phones through the inaugural Girls ICT Marathon, funded by government agencies and other sponsors.


    Ernestina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Professional Studies, Accra and is planning to pursue a Master’s degree in Communication Studies in 2013. Ernestina loves travelling, sightseeing and music.

  • Ama Ofori-Antwi
    Project Officer, Coalition on Domestic Violence Legislation in Ghana

    Ama is a professional social worker dedicated to promoting the welfare of the vulnerable in society. Ama is passionate about advocating for the rights of people living with disabilities, youth, orphans, refugees, older people, abused women and children. Ama has over seven years' experience as social worker in various capacities. Her skills also include project management and research, interpersonal, analytical and communication skills and the ability to adapt to changing and challenging circumstances.


    Ama successfully implemented the projects “Strengthening Institutional Structures and Mechanisms” for the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act in Ghana and "Realizing the Rights of Marginalized Older People," a monitoring project commissioned by Helpage International. Ama implemented these projects in six deprived communities in three regions in Ghana. As part of these projects, Ama developed packages of care and policies and monitored access to health care, including HIV/AIDS, pensions and the LEAP cash transfer program by using questionnaires to ensure that rights of beneficiaries were upheld.


    Ama is currently the Executive Secretary of the Environmental Services Providers Association. She is also the treasurer for the 1993 Achimota School Year Group. Ama previously served as Director of the Department of Social Welfare in Ningo-Prampram District. She has worked with the Coalition on Domestic Violence Legislation in Ghana, Helpage Ghana and Women Initiative for Self-Empowerment. Ama holds Masters of Philosophy in Social Work and is a member of General Social Care Council, United Kingdom. Ama is interested in home improvement and is a volunteer-worker.

  • Mabel Pinkrah
    Principal Research Assistant and Administrator, Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy, University of Ghana

    Mabel Pinkrah is the Administrator at the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy at the University of Ghana. Mabel joined the university in 2003 as National Service Personnel at the Development and Women’s Studies Unit of the Institute of African Studies, later the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy.


    For the past ten years, Mabel has been working as project supervisor on several research projects at the center. She also performs administrative and supervisory duties, manages the disbursement of project funds, prepares budgets and monitors expenses for the running of the center, prepares reports and assists in the design of multi-stakeholder projects. Mabel also coordinates colloquia, symposia, film shows, consultative committee meetings and a variety of workshops including curriculum development, strategic planning and proposal writing.


    Mabel is innovative and committed to creating a working environment that harnesses the strengths of junior and senior colleagues in accomplishing project goals. Mabel places emphasis in mobilizing the talent, experience and passion of young university graduates to further the goals of the center. Mabel has supervised and contributed to mentoring over sixty young graduates who have worked at the center for the past ten years. Some of these young graduates have become prominent people in their workplaces. She has keen interest in issues relating to leadership, facilitating organizational change, team building, and conflict resolution and coaching.


    Mabel is currently pursuing a Masters in Organization Development at the University of Cape Coast and an MBA in Human Resource Development at the University of Ghana. She has a post Graduate Diploma in Organization Development from University of Cape Coast, a certificate in Project Planning and Management from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Ghana.


    Mabel is a member of the International Society for Organization Development (ISOD), a world-wide network of practitioners, scholars, and students interested in continued growth and development and who aspire to support others in their professional development. She is also a member of Sisters against Disrespectful Advertisement (SADA), a women’s advocacy group working to ensure that media and advertisement portray women as human beings with dignity and respect. Mabel has a passion for children and the elderly.

  • Jamila Haruna Yeboah
    Volunteer Project Coordinator, The Ark Foundation Ghana

    Jamila is a Volunteer Project Coordinator with the capacity building and advocacy unit of the Ark Foundation, Ghana. Jamila brings to her work strong analytical and interpersonal skills and experience and in-depth knowledge in program coordination, communication and gender issues. Jamila also brings a strong belief in the importance of gender equality and ethnicity in all spheres of society. In this role she has gained experience in strategies for social change.


    Jamila is one of thirty young women who executed the “Nuisance Project-Young Women Speak Peace to Power” which advocated for peace before, during and after the December 2012 elections. A notable accomplishment of the project was getting over 1000 leaders, including the Chief Justice, to sign a petition for peace. From her experiences on the project, Jamila believes that one can always find a way to make a positive impact in society. Jamila received an award for her tireless contribution to the success of the Nuisance Project.


    Jamila also worked as a service person with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Africa and Regional Integration Bureau in Ghana. In this role, she was part of the team that successfully organized a Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation between Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso. She was also the Public Relations Officer of the faculty of Social Science Electoral Commission at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.


    Her career objectives include working with people from multicultural backgrounds and using her skills to improve her human rights advocacy skills while engaging in new challenges and learning experiences. Jamila is an alumna of the Women’s Law and Human Rights Institute of the Ark Foundation. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where she served as Canteen Chairperson in her hall of residence. Jamila enjoys learning new things and meeting people from different backgrounds. In her spare time she likes listening to music and travelling.

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