Supporting High-Performance Government in New York City

Large-scale change initiatives are efforts that require the collaboration of multiple agencies; the creation of detailed, shared protocols; the requisite shifts in organizational culture; strong personal commitment and leadership; and frequently the implementation of appropriate technology.

Accenture and RCLA have developed a quarterly breakfast series for managers in New York City government. The primary aim of the series is to discuss in some depth the multiple managerial and leadership challenges of implementing large-scale change within government. The design and implementation of New York City's 311 system is one example of this kind of large-scale initiative. The breakfast series builds from this and other success stories of these kinds of management challenges. Outside experts who can further enrich the conversation are often invited.

In addition, this series strives to:

  • Create a networking environment that encourages the exchange of ideas between senior managers of complex change programs and those emerging leaders charged with undertaking similar efforts.
  • Encourage a cadre of new leaders interested in undertaking such challenges, providing them with the insights, learning and the collegial support that will help sustain their work over time.
  • Promote further learning about how successful complex change initiatives are designed and managed, and capture this information in written reports.

The Executive Briefing Series

The quarterly breakfasts in New York City and Albany are organized around a central strategic and managerial question of particular relevance to large-scale change efforts.

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