Fellowship Design, Implementation and Evaluation

One of RCLA’s signature strengths is our expertise with fellowship design, management and evaluation. We develop and implement curricula for fellowship programs and alumni networks that not only to equip individuals with knowledge and skills, but enhance leadership in the organizations and fields where they work.

Fostering Collaborative Learning and Networks of Support

RCLA serves as an active learning hub for leadership in the field of public service. Amid this high-stakes work, we create collaborative learning environments where leaders can reflect critically on their work, tackle complex and often provocative issues, share insights and learn from other dynamic and accomplished individuals. They emerge reinvigorated and better equipped to achieve their goals.

Because tackling issues of public concern requires the engagement of actors across sectors, we convene private, government and nonprofit organizations to engage in dialogue about issues such as how to improve public schools, advance health care, preserve natural resources and protect the most vulnerable in society.

Examples of Our Work

Peer Learning for Social Change: Through RCLA’s Social Change Leadership Network, grassroots nonprofit leaders learn from each other and build personal and organizational capacity for advancing social justice agendas. These trainings focus on fostering multigenerational leadership, engaging in effective community organizing, using social media to build community, and designing memorable staff and volunteer trainings.

Leading Large Scale Change in Government: For more than seven years, RCLA and Accenture have convened senior and mid-level New York City officials at quarterly executive briefings to candidly explore how leaders successfully advance large-scale change in the highly political, volatile and visible world of government.

Maximizing Fellowship Impact: RCLA has worked with the Annie E. Casey Foundation on program design to maximize the scale and impact of their prestigious Children and Families Fellowship. We have also conducted an evaluation to illuminate the many significant ways that fellowship alumni are using what they learned through the fellowship in their current work.