Program Description

The Social Change Leadership Network grew out of RCLA's research with social change leaders across the United States for more than seven years. The Network has three main aims:

  • To document and share knowledge within the field and with other public service leaders about effective social change leadership practices through a process that strengthens the relationship between academics and social change organizers;
  • To support and connect leaders effectively advancing social change by facilitating opportunities for personal and organizational capacity-building and dialogue; and
  • To foster global leadership by connecting local efforts to international networks and frameworks.

The Link between Local Advocacy and Global Transformation

More than 20,000 civic networks and organizations working to tackle global policy issues have become active on the world stage - 90 percent of them in the last 30 years. These networks can amplify the voice of US social justice organizations by linking their work to similar efforts in other countries and to international rights frameworks.

However, grassroots organizations often lack the time, finances and other resources to contribute to global conversations while focusing on the everyday well-being of their communities.

Through the Social Change Leadership Network, RCLA provides US social change organizations with learning resources that enable them to incorporate a global worldview into their work and to more systematically direct their advocacy efforts globally.