Our social change resources are created with practitioners in mind and draw on the research RCLA has conducted side-by-side with social change leaders for more than seven years. They are designed to support work to foster collaborations, build the capacity of individuals and organizations, and share strategies to overcome challenges and build movements.

Training for Trainers: A Guide to Designing Interactive Trainings Using Popular Education Techniques

By Joan Minieri, March 2010
This handbook provides a step-by-step guide to designing trainings that engage participants in creative ways of learning. It includes fundamentals on different learning styles, the six steps for designing a training, facilitator tips for keeping participants energized, and a variety of sample activities. It is based on the Social Change Leadership Network's successful Trainings for Trainers.
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Cooperative Inquiry Reports

Cooperative Inquiry is an action research method that enables a group of participants to use their own experience to generate insights around an issue of mutual concern. These reports document groups' findings on how to build and sustain movement-building organizations led by leaders of color, fundraise for social change organizations, and connect community organizing and art, among other topics.
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Narrative Inquiry Reports

These stories illuminate different aspects of leadership that social change leaders identify as central to their work and that may be of interest to other social change practitioners.
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Ethnography Reports

Ethnographies offer in-depth, rich portraits of leadership within selected organizations and communities.
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Social Media Tools for Social Change

RCLA's Social Change Leadership Network offers a guide to using social media to advance a social justice mission.
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