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NYU Wagner enthusiastically honored 418 graduating students at the 2016 Convocation on May 17 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Resplendent in their academic attire amid a capacity audience of 2,000, the students—and their professors, faculty members, and friends—heartily cheered an inspirational keynote address delivered by Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Introduced by honorary student speaker Quintin Haynes—who noted Leader Pelosi is the highest-ranking

The 2016 Henry Hart Rice Urban Policy Forum took place on April 27, featuring Thomas Sugrue, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and History at the NYU College of Arts and Science. Sugrue spoke about the history of crisis and bankruptcy in Detroit, a city that has garnered recent attention. As an urban historian, Detroit native, and author of the prize-winning book The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit, Sugrue discussed Detroit’s struggles, the limited impact of

The final installment of the spring 2016 “Debates of the Century @NYU Wagner” series was a marquee event held on April 26 at the TimesCenter featuring former NSA analyst and whistleblower Edward Snowden (via live video feed from Moscow) and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. The two debated whether “Government should have lawful access to any encrypted message or device.”

Barton Gellman, critically-acclaimed author and journalist, moderated the debate between Zakaria, who was for the motion, and Snowden, who was against. Hosted jointly by NYU Wagner and The