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December 2011

In this issue:

- Rethinking the Three-sector Governance Framework in the Middle East

- International Conference on Family Planning in Senegal: Findings From
IIE-LDM Evaluation

- RCLA Announces 30 Emerging Public Service Leaders Selected for Prestigious

- RCLA Practice Note - Facilitating Experiences of Appreciation: An Easy Way to Build Community

- News and Events

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November 2011

In this issue:

- Release of Executive Summary: Evaluation of the IIE West Coast Center's LDM Program

- Deepening Research on Cross-sector Social Partnerships in the Middle East

- Research Project: Scan and Analysis — Overview of Learning Communities

- American Evaluation Association Conference: Findings from IIE-LDM Evaluation

- News and Events

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October 2011

In this issue:

- Communities In Schools Partners with RCLA on Talent Development for School Reform

- NYU Wagner Leadership Academy to Focus on Promoting Connections across Student Groups

- Learning with Women's World Banking at Women in Leadership Program

- Nepali University Leadership Team Shares Insights on Participatory Approach to Curriculum Design

- Collaborative Inquiry at the University of Valencia

- News and Events

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September 2011

In this issue:

- Creative Courage: Leadership Practices To Build Resilience And Vitality In Performing Arts Organizations

- Advancing Learning And Action In Organizations: A Training On Collaborative Inquiry Action Research

- Emerging Global Leaders Participate In RCLA Social Change Leadership Institute

- Bloomberg Philanthropies Partners with NYU Wagner and RCLA in Five-City Initiative

- Using Analytics to Improve Government Performance

- News and Events

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July / August 2011

In this issue:

- Advancing Diversity & Inclusion in Public Service: New Guide to Leading Change

- Innovations in Fundraising for Social Justice

- Next Generation Nonprofit Performance Measurement & Management

- Transforming Scarcity into Abundance: Research & Curricular Resources on Breakthrough Leadership Practices

- News and Events

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June 2011

In this issue:

- RCLA Advocacy Lab Combines Essential Training and Community Impact

- Managing Shared Services in NYC Government: The Quest Goes On

- New Course Prepares Students to Lead Cross-Sector Partnerships

- Thirty Changemakers Complete Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service

- Institute of International Education Evaluation Wraps Up at Dubai Event

- News and Events

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May 2011

In this issue:

- Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion in Public Service: Insights from Scholarship

- RCLA Releases Guide to Leadership Programs that Support People of Color & Advance Diversity

- NYC Schools Chancellor Meets with Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service

- A Loss in the Nonprofit Battle Against "Modest, Passionate and Utterly Disorganized"

- Rethinking the Panel Presentation: How to Host a Candid Dialogue among Experts in a "Fishbowl"

- News and Events

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April 2011

In this issue:

- How Social Change Organizations Create Leadership Capital

- The Science of Teamwork: What Matters in Teams and Team Leaders

- Student Representatives Tackle Questions and Challenges Together at the Wagner Leadership Academy

- NYU Wagner and UCLA Luskin Partner on a Social Justice Initiative

- RCLA's Year in Review Offers a Look at New Partnerships, Research and Programs

- Project Teams Offer Results You Can Use: Applications Now Being Accepted for NYU Wagner Capstone Program

- News and Events

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March 2011

In this issue:

- Hewlitt Foundation, Charity Navigator and RCLA to Host a Conference of National Leaders in Performance Management

- Heads of Chinese Public Administration Schools Visit RCLA to Learn about US Civil Service Leadership

- The Way Forward for Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare: Briefing for NYC Government Officials

- Leadership in the Middle East in a Time of Revolution

- RCLA Executive Director to Teach a Course on Large-Scale Change in Public and Private Settings

- News and Events

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February 2011

In this issue:

- Health Leaders in Five Nations Meet as Part of an Evaluation by RCLA, the Packard Foundation and the Institute of International Education

- Egyptian Revolution: Collective Leadership or Leadership Void?

- A New Approach to US-China Relations: RCLA on the Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog

- The Science of Teamwork: What Matters in Teams and Team Leaders?

- News and Events

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January 2011

In this issue:

- RCLA To Offer Social Change Institute for University Students and Recent College Grads in Summer 2011

- Innovations that Last: NYC Government Briefing

- RCLA Faculty Director Becomes Co-Editor of Top Public Administration Journal

- At Global Conference, Arts Leaders Share Findings on Creating Living Missions & Building Resilience

- News and Events

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December 2010

 In this issue:

- RCLA Announces Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service Class of 2011

- RCLA Scholars to Present Findings on Race and Leadership at National Urban Fellows Summit

- Social Change Leadership Network to Offer Training on Cross-Cultural Dialogue

- RCLA Faculty and Fellows to Premiere NYU Wagner Course on Advocacy

- News and Events

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November 2010

In this issue:

- Social Change Leadership Network Announces Advisory Circle of Experts

- Bertelsmann Foundation Previews Study on the Implications of Web Developments for Leaders

- RCLA Work on Race and Leadership to be Featured in Sage Business and Management Collection for Universities

- News and Events

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October 2010

In this issue:

- RCLA Scholars Contribute to Definitive Volume on Political and Civic Leadership

- New Article Sheds Light on Advancing the Goals of an Inter-organizational Network

- RCLA Researchers to Present Latest Findings at Fall Conferences

- RCLA Senior Fellows Investigate the Impact of Decision Making on Social Change Leadership

- News and Events

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September 2010

In this issue:

- RCLA Faculty Director Addresses Government Leaders in Brazil

- Fellowship for Emerging Public Service Leaders in NYC

- How to Foster "Continual Innovation" in City Government: Briefing for Senior NYC Officials

- Latino Doctors Take Up National Health Issues

- Report Examines Capacity-Building Program on Human Rights for Community Leaders in Colombia

- News and Events

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July/August 2010

In this issue:

- Baby Boomers and Public Service:  Can Organizations Capitalize on an Influx of Talent?

- Summer Series for Social Change Offers Opportunities to Meet People and Build Community

- RCLA Releases Reports in Spanish on Leadership Development & the Power of the Arts

- Institute to Equip Hispanic Doctors to Become National Leaders on Health Policy

- News and Events

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June 2010

In this issue:

- Institute of International Education and RCLA Launch Evaluation with Health Leaders in Five Countries

- New E-Community for Social Change Advocates

- Equipping Women to Lead Amid Rapid Shifts in the Microfinance Industry

- Performing Arts Presenters to Develop Missions that Adapt to Community Change

- Emerging Leaders Complete Fellowship with a Renewed Commitment to Public Service

- News and Events

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May 2010

In this issue:

- RCLA and Electronic Hallway Offer Curricular Resources on Organizational Leadership

- The Time is Ripe for Leadership Diversity

- Boundary Crossing for Public Wellbeing in the Middle East: Insights and Ways Forward

- RCLA Faculty to Develop New Courses in Public-Private Collaborations and Real-Time Advocacy

- Transforming New York City's Affordable Housing

- News and Events

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April 2010

In this issue:

- Training for Trainers: How to Design Memorable Interactive Trainings

- The Work of Social Change Leadership: Building Bridges from the Margins

- Leadership in a Knowledge Era: What We Can Learn from Complexity Science

- New Answers to Leadership Challenges through Action Learning

- NYU Wagner Capstone Program Offers Strategic Consultation for NYC Organizations

- News and Events

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March 2010

In this issue:

-Leadership for Public Well-being in the Middle East

- What the Reinvigorated Right Could Learn from SocialChange Leaders 

-Event on Complexity Theory in Leadership & Management Kicks Off a New RCLA Series

- Women of Color Policy Network Launches "Lead the Way" Program

- News and Events

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February 2010

In this issue:

- Peer Consultations that Can Offer Leaders an Expert Council
  of Advisors

- Youth Leadership Institute Immerses Students in NYC Civic
Life, History & Culture

- RCLA Scholar Challenges Market-Based Approach to Solving
  Global Problems

- NYU Wagner Leadership Academy to Focus on How Student
  Groups Inspirit Community

- NYC Groups can Raise their Visibility with Top Talent at NYU
  Wagner Career Expo

- News and Events

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January 2010

In this issue:

- What Public Service Leaders Resolve To Do in 2010

- Transformation through Culture & Women-Centered
  Approaches in Organizing for Justice

- New Leadership Institute for Innovation and Adaptation in the Arts

- RCLA Social Change Leadership Network Announces Learning
  Sessions for 2010
- News and Events

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December 2009

 In this issue:

- Leadership in a Time of Paradox 

- RCLA Faculty Director Helps Design UN Conference on
  Government Evaluation 

- Practical Tools for Facilitating Interactive Events and Learning
- News and Events 

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November 2009

 In this issue:

- Leading Youth Nonprofits Share Evidence-Based Approaches
  with Policymakers 

- Is Race a Constraint or Resource When It Comes to
  Leadership? Scholars Explore Shifts in Thinking 

- NYU Abu Dhabi Recruits Inaugural Class from Across the

- Learning Session Highlights How Community Organizers Can
  Build & Wield Power
- News and Events 

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October 2009

 In this issue:

- RCLA Faculty and Staff Share Their Perspectives on What
  Makes RCLA Unique

- RCLA and Accenture Briefing Series to Focus on Using 
  Technology to Improve Government Services 

- Social Change Leadership Network to Hold Trainings on 
  Community Organizing, Connecting across Cultures, and

- RCLA Senior Fellow Co-authors Report Calling for Work-Life 
  Balance at Community Organizations  
- News and Events 

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September 2009

 In this issue:

- Resilience in Tough Times: What Makes Organizations Bounce
  Back Stronger

- RCLA Scholar Examines New Forms of Civil Action and the
  Forces that Will Test and Reshape Civil Society

- Trainings Offer Social Media Tools for Nonprofits 

- How Advocates for Day Laborers Foster Leadership from
  Within: New Report

- News and Events

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August 2009

 In this issue:

- New Working Group to Focus on Effective Performance

- Videos Spotlight the Latest from the Moral Courage Project

- Activists and Scholars Address Race and Leadership at the
  World Social Forum

- Engaging People and Driving Your Mission: New Strategies for
  Talent Development

- News and Events

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July 2009

 In this issue:

- Fellows Uniquely Equipped to Pursue Public Service

- RCLA Faculty Director to Participate in a US Army Research 
  Institute Workshop on Leadership

- Leaders of Color Share Insights for Sustaining Movement-
  Building Organizations 

- Learning Circle Introduces Useful Evaluation Tool for
  Leadership Programs

- Women of Color Policy Network Joins Campaign for New
  Federal Poverty Measure

- News and Events

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June 2009

 In this issue:

- Leadership Experts Share Top Picks for Summer Reading

- New Report Finds Gap in Administration's Goals and
  Unemployment Realities for Blacks and Latinos

- RCLA Scholars Focus on Race and Leadership in New Journal

- Nonprofit Leaders Discuss Training for Trainers in
  New Videos 

- RCLA Deputy Director Organizes Presentation on Leadership
  Practices at Global Conference

- News and Events

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May 2009

 In this issue:

- Mobilizing Baby Boomers for Public and Social Service

- Creating Tools for Doing Good: GrantCraft and RCLA Pilot a 
  Product Design Lab

- RCLA Faculty Director to Head International Conference of
  Public Administration Schools

- Honoring Legacies and Supporting Innovation: The Multi-
  Generational Landscape of Leadership

- Action Research in the NY Metro Area: Creating a Community
  of Practice

- News and Events

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April 2009

 In this issue:

- Leadership Programs Prepare to Answer National Calls to
  Public Service 

- RCLA Marks Anniversary of Rwandan Genocide with
  Workshop on Helping Survivors Rebuild Their Lives   
- Stoneleigh Center Partners with RCLA on Fellowships  

- Learn How to Tap Leadership Across Generations for Effective
  Social Change 

- RCLA Releases Findings on Effective Cross-Sector
  Collaborations in Latin America 

- News and Events

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March 2009

 In this issue:

- Leading Scholars Explore Social Change Leadership that
  Deepens Democracy 

- Spurring Dynamic Discussions among NY Officials and Other
  Experts through a "Fishbowl" 

- CNN's Chief Business Reporter, a Wall Street Insider and
  Irshad Manji to Discuss Moral Courage in the Money
- Women of Color Policy Network to Explore Top Priorities for
  Immigration Reform 

- News and Events

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February 2009

 In this issue:

- Students from the United Arab Emirates Call for Collective 
  Leadership to Meet Global Challenges

- New York Academy of Medicine and RCLA Map a Plan for an
  Alumni Network   

- RCLA Announces 2009 Trainings to Equip Nonprofit Leaders
  with Must-Have Skills for Social Action 

- Women of Color Policy Network Relaunches Its Web Site and
  Announces 2009-2010 Affiliate Scholars 

- News and Events

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January 2009

In this issue:

- Learning Sessions to Help Social Change Leaders Excel
  in 2009

- Working Across Generations: Book Offers Insight into the 
  Future of Nonprofit Leadership

- Moral Courage Event Series Features Salman Rushdie

- RCLA Welcomes New Staff and Visiting Scholars

- RCLA and Women of Color Policy Network to Address Race
  and Social Change at World Social Forum

- News and Events

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December 2008

 In this issue:

- Help RCLA Make Our New Year's Resolutions for the Social
  Change Leadership Network in '09  
- RCLA Announces Advisory Committee for Forthcoming Book
  on Social Change
- Learning Circle Participants Discuss Strategies to Advance
  Leaders of Color in Nonprofits
- Practice Note: A New Kind of Speed-Dating: How Leaders Can
  Learn the Most from Peers in under 90 Minutes

Click here to view the PDF version of the December 2008 edition.

November 2008

 In this issue:

- An Inside View from Women Execs on Navigating the
  "Labyrinth of Leadership"
- What Social Change Organizations' "Framing" of Issues
  Teaches Us about Leadership 
- New Partnership to Advance Leadership Development in NY
- Practice Note: Banishing Boredom by Co-Creating
  Conference Agendas

Click here to view the PDF version of the November 2008 edition.

October 2008

 In this issue:

- Conference Highlights Reflection and Action in Research
- Top Scholars Evaluate Challenges to Democracy and
  Development in Latin America 
- Women of Color Policy Network and RCLA Pay Tribute to
  Activist and Scholar Walter Stafford
- Global Leaders Discuss the Power and Practice of
  Compassionate Leadership 
- Practice Note: Using World Cafe to Facilitate Complex

Click here to view the PDF version of the October 2008 edition.

September 2008

 In this issue:

- Pilot Links Integrated Talent Investments with Organizational 
- Women of Color Policy Network Joins RCLA   
- Time for Change: A Toolkit for Transformation
- Queen Noor and Esteemed Religious Leaders to Discuss
  Compassionate Leadership 
- Practice Note: Balancing Product Development with
  Practitioner Learning

Click here to view the PDF version of the September 2008 edition.

June 2008

In this issue:

- Race & Leadership: Conversations at the Intersection
- RCLA Goes Abroad: International Cooperative Inquiry 
- NGL CI: Art as a Tool for Social Change
- Doing More with Less: How to Navigate Cutback Management
- Practice Note: Story Circles 

Click here to view the PDF version of the June 2008 edition.

May 2008

In this issue:

- Making Connections: Announcing the Social Change
  Leadership Network
- Experience Speaks: The AVI CHAI Foundation Jewish New
  Teacher Project
- Cooperative Inquiry: Integration, Human Rights, Social
  Justice, and Ecology
- RCLA Practice Notes
- Practice Note: Visual Tools

Click here to view the PDF version of the May 2008 edition.

April 2008

In this issue:

- Irshad Manji Launches the Moral Courage Project
- Educasting: Collaborative and Community Leadership
- Better Together: Collaborative Fundraising
- Practice Notes: Peer-to-Peer Learning Exchanges

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Spring 2007

In this issue of Intersections, we examine a variety of bridge-building efforts and ground-breaking frameworks for collaboration between practice and research. This work is central to much of what RCLA does. It reflects our belief that knowledge resides in the community of practice and that academic-practitioner collaboration is a powerful - yet challenging - strategy for expanding our understanding of how leadership operates in nonprofit and government settings.

Click here (html) or here (PDF) to view the Spring 2007 edition of Intersections.


Fall 2006

Think of the arts, and you may think first of museums or music, culture and entertainment. Increasingly, there is interest in how the arts can make a difference in the world - how it can change not only our attitudes, but transform our communities. In this issue, we focus on the wide variety of ways the arts can influence and strengthen public and nonprofit leadership.

Click here (html) or here (PDF) to view the Fall 2006 edition of Intersections.


Summer 2006

This second issue of Intersections highlights innovations in fostering collaboration both within government and between public and nonprofit agencies. Refining our understanding of what makes for such effective partnerships is vital for enabling the large-scale social change sought by practitioners in both arenas.

Click here (html) or here (PDF) to view the Summer 2006 edition of Intersections.


Winter 2006

This first issue of Intersections highlights lessons RCLA has culled from our work within the nonprofit sector, and particularly through our partnership with the Ford Foundation's Leadership for a Changing World program. These lessons, we believe, are applicable in many contexts, including the public sector.

Click here to view the Winter 2006 edition of Intersections.