Leadership in Action at Wagner explores and broadly shares new knowledge and ideas about public service leadership. Below are updates about latest research and programs in leadership at Wagner.

On June 21, Professor Sonia Ospina presented a co-authored paper at an international leadership workshop held in Barcelona.

The workshop brought together international thought leaders from the public, nonprofit, and business sectors to discuss unique, innovative approaches to goal-directed networks and how they can improve leadership practice at large. Goal-directed networks are groups of organizations that facilitate the achievement of a common goal, and have become widespread in practice and scholarly research in recent decades.


For part of the summer, NYU Wagner Professor David Elcott is working in Indonesia to help members of a grassroots network in their struggle to maintain a pluralistic society despite rising fundamentalism.

The Gus Durian network was named after the former Indonesian president revered by supporters as a religious man, a pluralist and a deeply democratic leader. Professor Elcott’s current trainings help the network of young and old with their efforts to advance the principles of a democratic and ecumenical civil society.

Participants are guided