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"We Are"

Hasan Davis
NGL Cohort IV
March 2002

WE are Bluegrass and burritos
Seraphim and Serapes
Soul Food, Soul Full, So Full

So Full of Life
So Full of Hope
So Full of Dreams
That we span the continents and time

WE are Analysts and catalyst
Trouble shooters and trouble makers
Biking, walking, flying, to the edge of our passions
Then throwing ourselves into the mix

WE are teaching and learning
Preaching and Yearning
We yearn to be heard
But not as a voice
We are a movement in four parts.

WE are Film Makers and risk takers
Inspired by the best Women produce
Awed by the worst mankind has accomplished

WE are Weavers
But, not just of fabric or tales or history
We weave communities, and spirits, and minds
Designing the rich tapestry of our own future

WE are Business as usual
But there is nothing usual about the business we have taken up

We are dynamic in force
Not able to stand suspended
wasting energy,
wasting time,
wasting life

We are seven generations Strong
Three before us set the course
Three behind will reap the victory
And like the pyramids of the sun we will rise to face the world
Defying science to confirm the indomitable spirit of our humanity

WE are wisdom glowing bright in young eyes
And worn proud in experienced smiles

We are straight and gay and questioning
Questioning why you want in our bedrooms?
Is it cause you want to join in?
Or are you just trying to close the closet door?

Cause Pandora's box is open baby
And we are coming out
"I'm coming out"
And we want the world to know

We want the world to know that
this bra doesn't fit and we are not going to wear it
We want the world to know that
Black will not sit in back
We want the world to know that
Straight doesn't mean narrow
Not in focus,
Not in love,
Not in life

WE are Sons and Daughters
Mothers and Fathers
Some GRAND, some great
All young at heart

We are survivors of urban sprawls

We are dreamers of rural expanses

WE are American
By birth
By right
By Choice

Cause we are the ones we been waiting for
We've been waiting for a sign
We been waiting for the keys
We've been waiting for the truth
Cause we can handle the truth
And the truth will set us free
Free to pursue justice because we have beat injustice down

We are the American way
Or at least the American dream
Manifested or not it has become our destiny

We are human capital
Waiting for our return on investments
Of time, of prayer, of love

WE are learning to trust, and
We are trying to build, and
We are Willing to Fail,
Rather than sit passive, waiting for others to act

We are
The next generation
Not to be confused with
The first generation
Not content to be
The last generation
We are simply the next incarnation
Of the world we dream

We are ancient thoughts
We are universal truths
We are unwavering faith
We are truly blessed
To stand, to struggle, to love