Research and Evaluation Partnerships

Look to RCLA for state-of-the-art findings on today’s best leadership practices. Join us in a research project that can directly impact your work.

High-Impact Research and Evaluation

We partner with foundations, government agencies, nonprofits and other academic centers to conduct research and evaluation that help build high-impact leadership development strategies and provide opportunities for organizational learning. Because these inquiries are tailored to organizations’ unique questions and complex challenges, they have a unique depth and salience – both in the research process and its findings.

In addition to research methods such as ethnography, case studies, narrative inquiry and surveys, RCLA uses participatory methodologies to engage real-world public leaders who are both consumers of RCLA’s research and a key source in generating new knowledge. Such collaborative learning enables people to gain new insights into their own leadership practices and informs the field of public service more broadly.

Technical Assistance and Training in Innovative Research Techniques

Based on RCLA’s deep expertise in action learning methodologies and peer-learning, the Center offers technical assistance and training to organizations and academic institutions that want to incorporate ongoing learning and leadership development into their organizational cultures.

For example, we conduct trainings in Cooperative Inquiry, a process of cycles of action and reflection that enables public service leaders to take their most pressing questions and turn them into systemic inquiries with peers facing similar quandaries. These processes are designed specifically to draw on the expertise of individuals confronting these leadership challenges on a daily basis in order to find relevant and workable solutions.