Sustaining Social Change Organizations through Innovative Resource Development 

How can social change organizations – facing increased competition for fewer public and private resources – grow and diversify their funding in ways that reflect their justice-based missions and values?

Based on RCLA’s work side-by-side with social change leaders for almost a decade, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation partnered with RCLA to deliver insights into fundraising and revenue-generation strategies that can sustain nonprofits.

The research draws on the expertise of social change agents doing the creative and difficult work of fundraising and generating revenue for sustainable social justice, as well as the grantmakers and technical assistance providers delivering critical support for these efforts.

The report features inventive approaches to adapting traditional fundraising methods to suit the needs of social justice work, harnessing the potential of social media and selling mission-related goods. These models for generating much-needed resources enable nonprofits to continue their vital work over the long term.