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RCLA has partnered with the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington to produce these Electronic Hallway resources. The Leadership Stories and associated Usage Notes are an especially good fit with courses on leadership, nonprofit and public management, strategic planning, community organizing, and social movements.


The essence of the teaching of cases in schools of public policy and management and other professional schools is to make issues examined by students the most lively, useful, information-rich, and pointed as possible. The teaching of vibrant and compelling cases guides student examination of management and program options in a fundamentally different way from more typical class lectures, readings and discussions. Cases place students into circumstances that they will face in governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. The aim is to demonstrate the best possible practice in sorting out complex situations, applying analytical frameworks, tackling vexing problems and seizing new opportunities.

Properly utilized, ethnographical studies can provide an important additional tool in classroom case evaluation. They provide additional breadth, depth and contexts that will expand still further the way the student understands a neighborhood, a culture, an organization, a community, or a community of interests. That deeper comprehension will contribute greatly to the student’s insights about an appropriate course of action.

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