At RCLA, we are committed to broadly sharing the results and conclusions of our research into leadership practice and theory. The following tools provide practical guidance and techniques for leadership development.

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How To Cultivate Leadership as a Collective Achievement

RCLA views leadership as a collective achievement - an active process in which people come together to pursue change, and in doing so develop a shared vision of what the world should look like, make sense of their experience, and shape their decisions and actions. These tips offer insight into how to foster leadership as a collective achievement.

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How to Use Social Media to Advance 
Social Change

Today’s rapidly evolving social media hold enormous promise for social change and nonprofit organizations. This group of tools emerged from a series of Social Change Leadership Network learning sessions on using the latest social networking applications to advance your organizational mission.

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RCLA Practice Notes

RCLA Practice Notes offer practical guidance about sound leadership practices and event facilitation techniques based on experience.

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Digital Library

The Digital Library includes narratives and leadership insights captured on video and audio files.

Sonia Ospina video
View a video with RCLA Faculty Director Sonia Ospina
on the paradox of leadership.

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Curricular Resources

RCLA's course materials enable professors and scholars to incorporate thinking and practices from the work of public service leadership into courses, seminars, trainings and presentations for emerging and established leaders.

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RCLA Reports

RCLA Reports reflect research RCLA has done with leaders rather than on leaders. They give insight into inquiries done by public service leaders into pressing issues and highlight successful leadership strategies.

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RCLA Publications

Publications include articles published in top academic journals, chapters and books. They reflect RCLA's recent research and scholarship into leadership practice and theory.

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