Roger Luckmann
Visiting Scholar

Roger Luckmann's main research focus has been on the delivery of preventive services to primary care populations and more recently on computer-based clinical decision support and pain management in primary care. He is involved in developing an evaluating computer-assisted telephone counseling interventions to support patients making decisions about colon, breast and prostate cancer screening. Luckmann has extensive research expereice developing and managing a wide varitey of research projects inclduing surveys of the public (e.g., mammaograhy utilization), survey of physicians (e.g., the conent of the routine periodic health evaluation of adults), analyses of large health care databases (e.g., hospital discharge data on the epidemiology of appendicticis) and cohort studies of chronic diseases (e.g., Alzheimer's disease). He has recent and ongoing experience in the design and implementation of studies of the delivery of clinical preventative services such as mammograms and flexible sigmoidoscopy. Luckmann collaborates on numerous interdisciplinary projects combining his interest in behavioral medicine and primary care. He plans to focus much of his future research on the effectiveness of clinical preventive services (screening tests and counseling strategies), on the office systems for the delivery of these services, and on the patient's perspective on preventive services. He also has a secondary interest in educational research related to development of curriculum innovations at the medical school.