The Financial Management and Public Finance specialization prepares students for finance careers in the nonprofit, public and private sectors. Students study the field of finance from both an internal managerial perspective (financial management) and an external policy perspective (public finance).

The curriculum exposes students to a broad array of analytical tools, including economics, budgeting, accounting, capital financing, investment management, debt management and financial statement analysis. Our graduates take a wide range of jobs, including budget analyst, consultant, finance director, grants manager, program auditor, hospital administrator, and bond rater.

Required Specialization Courses

Students must complete the following 7.5 credits:

PADM-GP.2140, Public Economics and Finance
PADM-GP.2902, Multiple Regression and Intro to Econometrics
PADM-GP.4130, Fundamentals of Accounting

And must complete 9 credits from the following (courses are listed separately for organizational purposes only; you may take courses across the two lists):

Public Finance

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Financial Management


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All Capstone projects begin in the fall and are completed at the end of the spring semester. Full-time students who begin in the spring semester typically need 2½ years to complete their degree. Finance students choose one of the following Capstone courses:

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