Aug 31, 2007

Prof. Paul Light Assesses True Size, and Current Effectiveness, of Federal Government

From the resignations of top White House officials to staffing gaps riddling many federal agencies, NYU Wagner Professor Paul Light was frequently called upon during August, 2007, to size up the capability of the national government. Professor Light's expertise appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today and other national media. "We are not hiring many employees outside of the war on terrorism, which is leaving many agencies under-resourced for their mission," he told Washington Post reporter Henri Cauvin. His research on federal job outsourcing was cited by the Washington Post's John McQuaid in an essay entitled "The Can't-Do Nation: Is America Losing Its Knack for Getting Big Things Done?" To read Professor Light's August, 2006, research brief entitled "The True Size of Government," click on the link below. He is the founding principal investigator of the Organizational Performance Initiative, a research project at Wagner for which the paper was written.

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