Oct 02, 2007

Rudin Center and Metropolitan Transportation Council to Host Conference on 'Transportation in the Northeast Megaregion'

On Tuesday, November 13th, the NYU Wagner Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council will be hosting our fall conference entitled: “Thinking Bigger: New York and Transportation in the Northeast Megaregion”.

The event will be co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the University Transportation Research Center – Region 2, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, along with the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, the Regional Plan Association, the University of Delaware’s Institute of Public Administration and the Wagner Transportation Association.

The event will focus on fostering a better understanding of the relationship between the Northeast Corridor and the broader megaregion and the importance of thinking beyond our own borders.

The full agenda, including speaker information and registration details is available in the registration brochure.

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