Dec 01, 2008

RCLA Uses Speed-Dating Model to Help Leaders Learn From Peers - Rapidly

RCLA has applied the matchmaking of speed-dating in a new way to allow nonprofit leaders to share resources with peers and at the same time get the knowledge they need to take their organizations to the next level.

A new Practice Note provides a step-by-step guide for creating a rapid resource exchange based on what nonprofit leaders have to share and want to learn - in an engaging, fast-paced way. What makes this approach unique is that it doesn't just connect people with similar interests. It's a rare opportunity for leaders to learn from peers about processes or practices that can help them avoid "reinventing the wheel."

What's new at NYU Wagner?


  • Admitted Students Day: Current Student Panel

    Admitted Student
  • Admitted Students Day: Alumni Panel

    Admitted Student
  • Admitted Students Day: Opening Remarks

    Admitted Student
  • WAGTalk: Beth Simone Novak, “Big Data, Small Data, Open Data”

    “Big Data, Small Data, Open Data”
  • WAGTalk: Nirupama Rao, “The 47 or 67 Percent?”

    “The 47 or 67 Percent?”