May 10, 2010

NYU Wagner Showcases Students' 2009-10 Capstone Projects

The Captone Program: End Event, May 5, 2010

The Capstone Program -- learning in action -- is a crowning achievement in the life of every NYU Wagner student. On May 5th, members of 76 student teams displayed their advanced consulting work for urban, national, and global organizations at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. Hundreds of visitors to this dynamic Capstone End Event learned about the teams' analyses, field work, and advice covering such critical areas as New York City recruitment of female firefighters, a major hospital's geriatric services, the landmarking policies of small and large cities, and the progress and opportunity for growth in international governance on climate change.

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  • WAGTalk: Mitchell Moss, “The Future of New York”

    “The Future of New York”
    Urban Planning
  • WAGTalk: Karen Grepin, “Educating Girls, Child Health, and the Developing World”

    “Educating Girls, Child Health, and the Developing World”
  • WAGTalk: Beth Simone Novak, “Big Data, Small Data, Open Data”

    “Big Data, Small Data, Open Data”
  • WAGTalk: Nirupama Rao, “The 47 or 67 Percent?”

    “The 47 or 67 Percent?”
  • NYU Wagner's 75th Celebration

    On June 12, 2014, NYU Wagner celebrated 75 years of public service education.