Feb 03, 2011

Health Leaders in Five Nations Meet as Part of an Evaluation by IIE and RCLA

Health leaders from Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines are gathering for a series of national meetings from late January into mid-February as part of a participatory evaluation RCLA is conducting with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Institute of International Education West Coast Center's Leadership Development for Mobilizing Reproductive Health (LDM) program.

Since 2000, the LDM program has worked to build and sustain a core of well-trained emerging and established leaders who have the vision, commitment, knowledge and skills to improve the delivery of reproductive health and family planning services. Each national gathering will bring together key stakeholders to share, discuss and further analyze the findings of the evaluation to date. A main goal is to look at how the gains and lessons from the LDM program over the last decade can be integrated into future reproductive health and family planning programs.

The sessions, which will be based on the same reflective, participatory spirit as the LDM program and the evaluation, will be co-facilitated by RCLA Deputy Director Amparo Hofmann-Pinilla and RCLA consultant Judith Kallick Russell, the principal evaluators. Amparo will participate in the meetings in Ethiopia and India, and Judith will attend those in Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Each meeting will serve as a forum for LDM participants, IIE staff, and other stakeholders within the local, regional and national reproductive health and family planning communities to share preliminary findings from the evaluation and to reflect on the applicability of program gains to the fields of leadership and health as well as their own work.

The meetings will also be an opportunity to reflect on the leadership roles that LDM fellows and other key stakeholders can play in sustaining and enhancing the program's impact in improving health outcomes for some of the world's most vulnerable people.

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