Aug 27, 2012

NYU Wagner Participates in White House Forum on Urban Innovation

NYU Wagner is among 16 distinguished public service and educational organizations attending today’s White House Forum on Urban Innovation with an array of Federal agencies, aimed at surfacing new partnerships and models to solve problems of concentrated poverty and economic immobility in our fast-growing cities.

The public / nonprofit conference is part of a new series of conversations the White House is hosting “to spotlight stories of social innovation on the ground,” according to the briefing packet, which adds: “We seek to learn from pioneers who are driving change in challenging times and to explore new ways federal policy making can support their endeavors.”

Among the participating organizations are the National Urban League, the National League of Cities, 100,000 Homes, Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy, NCB Capital Impact, and the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems. Federal agency representation includes HUD, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Transportation, Treasury, the Small Business Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

In conjunction with the Forum, the White House launched a new tool, Innovation of the Day, to collect and share innovative practices in affordable housing, community development and urban planning. It is accessible here.

What's new at NYU Wagner?


  • WAGTalk: Mitchell Moss, “The Future of New York”

    “The Future of New York”
    Urban Planning
  • WAGTalk: Karen Grepin, “Educating Girls, Child Health, and the Developing World”

    “Educating Girls, Child Health, and the Developing World”
  • WAGTalk: Beth Simone Novak, “Big Data, Small Data, Open Data”

    “Big Data, Small Data, Open Data”
  • WAGTalk: Nirupama Rao, “The 47 or 67 Percent?”

    “The 47 or 67 Percent?”
  • NYU Wagner's 75th Celebration

    On June 12, 2014, NYU Wagner celebrated 75 years of public service education.