Dec 18, 2012

Prof. Brian Elbel Awarded Grant to Evaluate Large Sugary Drink Ban

Brian Elbel

Brian Elbel, assistant professor of medicine and health policy with NYU Wagner and the NYU School of Medicine, has been awarded a grant from the New York State Health Foundation to evaluate New York City’s new policy limiting the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB’s) to servings of 16 ounces or less at restaurants and other food-service establishments.

This is the first large-scale, population-level policy to target SSB consumption in the US, and it is unknown how consumers and suppliers will respond.

The project will examine the influence of the policy on calorie purchasing and consumption at fast food restaurants, where the majority of SSBs subject to the policy are sold. Additionally, it will examine the impact on total daily calories consumed by fast food consumers. Data collection will include point of purchase receipt collection and surveys from fast food restaurant consumers, along with follow-up 24 hour dietary recalls with these same consumers.

To control for secular trends data will be collected from two areas of New Jersey statistically matched to NYC as non-treated comparison communities. This grant supports collection of baseline data, before the policy is implemented.

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