Jan 21, 2014

Furman Center Launches New Blog, "The Dream Revisited"

The NYU Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy has launched a new blog on economic segregation in urban neighborhoods, entitled The Dream Revisited. It's worth a look, and many return visits.

"Some people have proclaimed the end of the segregated century," said Ingrid Gould Ellen, Co-Director of the Furman Center, and the Paulette Goddard Professor of Urban Policy and Planning at NYU Wagner. "While black/white segregation has declined in the past few decades, it remains extremely high in many major metropolitan areas.


"Meanwhile, Hispanic and Asian segregation have remained unchanged, and the neighborhoods in which minorities live enjoy far fewer advantages than the neighbohoods in which whites live," added Professor Ellen, who is Director of the Urban Planning Program at Wagner.


The new blog's opening discussion brings together scholars and practitioners to explore the meaning of the term "integration" and the conditions under which it may be an effective strategy for promoting racial and economic equality in America's cities.


Nationally recognized for its housing research, the Furman Center is a joint initiative of NYU Wagner and the School of Law.

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