Dec 16, 2013

Happy Holidays & New Developments at RCLA

Dear Friends,  

RCLA celebrates our 10th anniversary this year! We are gratified to see a greater emphasis on the collective, not just individual, dimensions of leadership in academia, public service organizations and societal discourse more broadly. At the same time, what it means to actually embrace and enact collective leadership is still nebulous – which suggests we still have much work to do.  

As part of this effort, RCLA has clarified its purpose. Going forward, RCLA’s goal will be to “build leadership that makes democracy work.” By democracy, we mean inclusion, participation and voice. And we pursue this sense of purpose across many contexts, from workplaces and membership organizations to communities, nations and global networks.

We will say more about this in future updates but, for now, know that our previous work and trajectory fit neatly within this framing. We still focus on understanding how people at all levels of organizations and across all sectors of society can contribute to leadership for the public good. Our work will continue to include research, teaching, and leadership development and capacity-building programs – now with a renewed emphasis on the democratic consequences of this work.

We are also thrilled that RCLA is serving as a research partner for the new NYU Leadership Initiative, a university-wide effort to help students develop the ethical and inclusive leadership to have a profound global impact. We have established a faculty Community of Practice focused on leadership, and will be hosting a scholarly conference on leadership in April 2014. 

In all of these endeavors we are grateful for your partnership and support. We hope you enjoy this round-up of our most recent research and leadership programming. Going forward, we will be sending shorter monthly updates to ensure you can keep up with all our happenings.

Warm wishes for the holidays and a joyful new year,
Erica Gabrielle Foldy and Sonia M. Ospina
Faculty Co-Directors, Research Center for Leadership in Action

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