Nov 26, 2013

Prof. Daniel L. Smith Named to Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council

NYU Wagner Associate Professor Daniel L. Smith has been appointed to serve on the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council (GASAC), effective January 1, 2014.

The GASAC, now chaired by the Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Martin J. Benison, advises the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) on technical issues, project priorities, and other matters that affect standards-setting for accounting and financial reporting by state and local governments.

Members of the GASAC are chosen from a cross-section of the GASB’s state and local government stakeholders, including users, preparers, and auditors of financial information. GASAC members are selected on the basis of their professional expertise and the depth and variety of experience they bring to their work on the Council.  Professor Smith was nominated to the GASAC by the Association for the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM), where he serves on the members-elected Executive Committee.

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