Program to support promising young postdoctoral researchers who are still at the start of their scientific careers but whose scientific qualities give them the potential to become established figures in Dutch scientific research.

The London Parking Reform and Residential Parking Supply: Exploration of Spatial Pattern Using Matched Pairs

This project sheds light on the classical debate of regulation and market in the context of off-street parking by investigating how a free parking market would function or fail, and how government intervention would correct market failure or simply over-regulate the market.

Residential Parking as a Policy Complement to Plate Auction: An Exploration in Shanghai

Study of license plate restrictions in Chinese cities facing tremendous motorization pressure and worsening congestion problems and the challenges of registered non-local plates creating a loophole which can largely role back the effectiveness of these restrictions while also raising the question of social fairness.

Complementarity vs. Substitutability from Individual to Collective Environmental Action

Research to address whether or not private actions meant to protect the environment, such as decisions to purchase green products (i.e. "acting green") foster or preclude collective action in support of the environment, such as political support for centralized environmental policy (i.e.,"voting green"). In economic terms, are green actions and green voting net complements or net substitutes?

Preparing Emerging Leaders in Transportation Innovation

Proposal to improve mobility and increase the region's competitive position with its global counterports by infusing local transportation organizations and leaders with new ideas and information that will foster innovative approaches to the New York Region's aging transporation infrastructure through 3 full-day workshops featuring transportation executives, technology experts and management professionals.


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