Jon Orcutt
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Jon Orcutt is Director of Policy for the New York City Department of Transportation, receiving that appointment from city transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan in June 2007.  He led the development of the agency's strategic plan and works with the commissioner on a broad set of New York City transportation initiatives and issues.  Jon has contributed to transportation policy in New York and the broader metropolitan area for twenty years, starting as Executive Director of the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives in 1989, where he oversaw significant growth in that organization's size and influence.  Jon joined the staff of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign in 1994 and helped put the new organization on the map by launching its prize-winning news and opinion bulletin, "Mobilizing the Region."  Jon became the Campaign's executive director in 2003.  In New York State, he helped create new pedestrian safety funding programs and limit highway expansion, and participated in the incorporation of land use planning into the project development process at New Jersey DOT.