Michael Piore
Visiting Scholar

Michael Piore is a labor economist, best known for the development of the concept of the internal labor market and the dual labor market hypothesis, and more recently for work on the transition from mass production to flexible specialization. He has worked on a number of labor market and industrial relations problems, including low income labor markets, the impact of technology upon work, migration, labor market segmentation and the relationship between the labor market, business strategy and industrial organization. The central theme in Piore's work is the social, institutional and cognitive dimensions of economic activity. Piore has written, co-written and edited a dozen books and scores of academic papers for scholarly journals, including titles on innovation, labor, employment relations, manufacturing, unions, unemployment and inflation, small business, migrant labor, immigration, corporate governance, management and industrial societies and policies. He is a member of the American Economic Association, the Labor and Employment Relations Association and the Union of Radical Political Economists.