Title: Students at Risk: Nutrition, Obesity and the Public School System
Publication Date: 10/13/09
Presented by the Wagner Education Policy Studies Association Student Group Obesity is one of the most pressing public health concerns facing our nation, and it is plaguing the younger generation at a threatening rate. Are schools enabling this trend? How can nutrition policy be better integrated with education policy? What role can we play as community activists, parents, policymakers, urban planners and taxpayers in helping to curb this epidemic? Please help us answer some of these questions. Join us for a night of lively discussion with a panel of experts who have committed their lives to children's nutrition and the fight against childhood obesity. Panelists: Nancy Huehnergarth, Director, New York State Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Alliance (NYSHEPA) Kathryn Henderson, PhD, Director of School and Community Initiatives, Yale's Rudd Center Dr. Susan Rubin, Founder, Better School Food and "Two Angry Moms" Chef Collazo, Head Chef of the Department of Education in New York City Moderator: Rogan Kersh, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Author: NYU Wagner Office of Special Events
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