Title: Demystifying the US Healthcare Reform Debate Part 2: Health Care Reform, Solution, Politics and Media
Publication Date: 10/26/09
Hosted by the NYU Wagner Health Program and the Wagner Health Network Student group At a time when healthcare reform is at the top of the agenda for the President and Congress, this series will provide in-depth discussion of the important and complex issues involved in the debate and engage in active dialogue with both peers and experts. WAGNER HEALTH NETWORK (WHN) serves as an academic, professional and social support to students interested in the fields of health policy, health management, health finance and international health. NYU WAGNER'S HEALTH POLICY AND MANAGEMENT PROGRAM has been recognized as the best in the country. Located in a school of public service rather than in a medical or public health school, the program crosses traditional boundaries, linking management, finance, and policy, and provides students with the cutting-edge concepts and skills needed to shape the future of health policy and management. In the second part of the series, Professor Paul Light will join Professor Billings and other expert panelists in a discussion of the proposed solutions, and how politics and the media have shaped national debate.
Author: NYU Wagner Office of Special Events
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