Title: Defining Impact: Building the Case for Arts Support
Publication Date: 10/05/10

How do we demonstrate that the arts can meaningfully contribute to social change? Who's making a good case for arts funding? How can we shape our creative passions into evidence of impact? What specific benefits can the arts give individuals and communities? What exactly are our "theories of change?" How do we know when our arts programs been successful? What can we learn about demonstrating effectiveness from social service and education programs? When is "arts for arts sake" the best argument? Join NYU Wagner's Student Network Exploring Arts & Culture (SNEAC) and a panel of arts professionals, academics, and grant makers for a Creative Conversation around these important questions. Sponsored by SNEAC (Student Network Exploring Arts & Culture) Speakers: Randall Bourscheidt, President, Alliance for the Arts- Ian David Moss, Research Director, Fractured Atlas- András Szántó, contributor, The Art Newspaper- Jason Franklin, Lecturer, NYU Wagner and Executive Director, Bolder Giving (moderator)

Author: NYU Wagner Office of International Programs
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