Title: Stop Speeding Summit- Panel Discussion: Automated Enforcement
Publication Date: 11/19/10
Speeding was a factor in more than 2,900 motor vehicle crashes in New York City in 2008, three times the number of collisions caused by driving under the influence. Unsafe speed is the number one cause of deadly crashes, and in 2008, speeding caused more crashes than distracted driving and drunk driving combined. As we look to corral the unacceptable death toll on our streets, addressing the problem of unsafe vehicle speeds is critical. Transportation Alternatives is proud to host a groundbreaking summit to address the pervasive effect speeding has on myriad aspects of New Yorkers’ lives, from the health of children precluded from outdoor play to the billions of dollars these crashes cost society in medical, emergency services, rehabilitation, property damage and travel delay costs every year. This full-day summit will bring together elected officials and leaders in the fields of transportation policy, public health, medicine, traffic safety and enforcement. Interactive panel discussions and presentations will cover the extent and impact of speed-related crashes and best practices in enforcement and policing. Moderator: Lucius J. Riccio, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, NYU Richard Retting, Vice President, Sam Schwartz Engineering Michele Fields, General Counsel, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Insurance Assembly Member Deborah Glick, New York State Assembly John Petrozza, Executive Vice President, American Traffic Solutions
Author: NYU Wagner Office of Special Events
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