Title: Opportunism: Transforming the World Economy, One Idea at a Time
Publication Date: 03/01/11

"In today's world, opportunity can no longer be viewed as a chance occurrence or as a starting point for competition in society. Rather, it is the raw material for a new era of abundance." More than natural resources, an impressive portfolio, or prime real estate, innovation, entrepreneurship and opportunity are today's currency; physical assets are trumped by social and intellectual capital. In the groundbreaking new book Opportunism: How to Change the World One Idea at a Time, Shraga Biran (founder of one of Israel's leading law firms and a lifelong champion of civil rights and social justice) makes clear that the challenge now to government and society is to protect the creators of this new kind of wealth and to extend to all individuals the rights and stability necessary to own whatever opportunities they create as their private property. At this event, Biran and Porter will discuss and explore the ideas in their books, as well as what leaders in public service can do to extend and protect opportunty for all global citizens.

Author: NYU Wagner
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