Title: Concrete State of Mind: How Great Streets Can Make Us Happier and Healthier
Publication Date: 11/15/11

Presented by NYU's Rudin Center, Transportation Alternatives, the Urban Planning Student Association and the Wagner Transportation Association It's obvious that when streets are built for walking and biking, it's easier for New Yorkers to be active. But did you know that streets designed for active transportation can also improve mental cognition and neighborhood social bonds? And how do designers reclaim iconic streets like Broadway in Times Square as places for people? Find out more over breakfast and a panel discussion with experts in health, transportation, and urban design. Panelists: Claire Fellman, Times Square Project Manager, Snohetta AS Dr. Mindy Thompson Fullilove, Professor, Columbia University Andrew Mondschien, Research Scientist, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management Moderator: Matt Seaton, Editor, The Guardian

Author: NYU Wagner Special Events
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