Title: Confronting Economic Insecurity: Reflections on the Past and New Policies for the Future
Publication Date: 03/27/07
Many have heralded the welfare reforms of 1996 as a success, citing the dramatic drop in welfare caseloads. Many others have taken a more critical view of welfare reform, in light of persistent economic insecurity for many former recipients and other low-income workers. This panel examines the impacts of welfare reform on people's lives and the public debate over poverty.With - Lawrence Mead, Professor of Politics, New York University - Jillynn Stevens, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Research, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies - Margy Waller, Director of The Mobility Agenda; Co-Founder, Inclusion at the Center for Economic and Policy Research - Moderated by Rogan Kersh, Associate Professor of Public Service and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at NYU Wagner
Author: NYU Wagner Public Se
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