Melanie Raoul
Adjunct Lecturer of Public Administration

Melanie Raoul is the founder of Management Lab (, which provides coaching, resources, and training for social change makers. Mel has worked for more than a decade with social justice and human rights advocacy organizations, large and small – from team-building at Greenpeace to supporting senior leadership in the Tibetan freedom movement. She has coached social movement leaders, campaigners, policy makers, activists, tech developers, and grassroots organizers to help them translate their formidable purposes into impactful results for the communities they serve. 

Before launching Management Lab she was a senior manager at The OneWorld Digital Security Exchange (ODSE, or Odyssey), a group that develops and deploys community-specific technologies and educational content to enhance online security and Internet Freedom in places where online and mobile surveillance and censorship are extreme. 

She received her BA in Latin American Studies from the University of British Columbia and her MPA from New York University's Wagner School of Public Service. She has since taught at Wagner and is an experienced facilitator on management and leadership development, strategy, fundraising, and public speaking.

Semester Course
Spring 2016 CAP-GP.3402.005 Capstone: Advanced Projects in Finance, Management, and Policy II

Continuation of CAP-GP 3401.

As part of the core curriculum of the NYU Wagner Masters program, Capstone teams spend an academic year addressing challenges and identifying opportunities for a client organization or conducting research on a pressing social question. Wagner's Capstone program provides students with a centerpiece of their graduate experience whereby they are able to experience first-hand turning the theory of their studies into practice under the guidance of an experienced faculty member. Projects require students to get up-to-speed quickly on a specific content or issue area; enhance key process skills including project management and teamwork; and develop competency in gathering, analyzing, and reporting out on data. Capstone requires students to interweave their learning in all these areas, and to do so in real time, in an unpredictable, complex, real-world environment.

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Spring 2014 PADM-GP.2110.001 Strategic Management

This is a required course for the management specialization.

This course examines management theory and practice through a framework involving strategic thinking and strategic planning. It covers a number of important management topics, including the context of strategy, leadership, managerial uses of structure and design, and performance. Case studies of managerial practice in the public and nonprofit sectors are used throughout the course.

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