Shelley Rappaport
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Policy

Shelley Rappaport joined MDRC in 2005 and has conducted field research for several education projects in elementary, middle and high schools including the Instructional Leadership Study, which focused on elementary schools, and the Ninth Grade Academy Study and the Academy of Engineering formative evaluation, which focus on small learning communities in high schools. For these and other projects, she developed surveys and site visit protocols, and conducted interviews and focus groups. She is currently doing implementation research work on MDRC’s Evaluation of the Impact of Success for All for the i3 Scale Up Grant and she manages the Impact of PowerTeaching i3 Scale Up Grant. Previously, she managed the Impact Evaluation of Response to Intervention Strategies which uses a regression discontinuity design. Ms. Rappaport has also worked on program fidelity, classroom observations, and assisted in site recruitment and engagement of school districts for the Reading Professional Development Impact Study and the Math Professional Development Impact Study.  Before joining MDRC, she worked for the New York State Education Department Bilingual Office and at the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund where she researched how bilingual education was being implemented in New York City.

Semester Course
Fall 2014 PADM-GP.2171.003 Program Analysis and Evaluation

This course serves as an introduction to those evaluation tools most commonly used to assess the performance of publicly funded programs, in both the public and private sector. Topics include developing and assessing program theory, implementation and process assessment, methods of impact evaluation, and efficiency analysis (cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis). The focus is on critical analysis and understanding of both the underlying programs and their evaluations.

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