Gift from Kristof

by Kate Otto

A gift from Nick Kristof, delivered Christmas Day in the New York Times:

Kristof explores the question from which so many of our entrepreneurial adventures have been born: “If a businessman [or woman, he surely intended] rakes in a hefty profit while doing good works, is that charity or greed?”  Alternatively, if we are doing good works and not seeking a profit or financial growth, is that doing a disservice to those we claim to serve?

With the push of economic crises – from the market to Madoff – and the pull of a new service-oriented administration, I am excited to enter a new year in which do-gooders must be business-savvy and businessmen/women must be socially and evironmentally responsible.  I am excited to be of a generation with the courage to scrutinize charitable good intentions to ensure a good end service, and to call out corporate hypocrisy with solutions in-hand for productive alternatives.

Happy holidays and may 2009 allow the creativity of social entrepreneurs to outperform the status quo on both levels.

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