Haiti – Relief and Restoration

by Courtney Montague

Global Volunteer Network and Global Volunteer Network Foundation (an organization founded by a 2009 Reynolds Fellow- Courtney Montague) joined forces just one week after the Earthquake to send an advance assessment team into Haiti. Ale Carvalho, a 2009 Reynolds Fellow, joined the assessment team as the team’s doctor and medical expert.

I just spoke with one of the Haiti Advance Team members and she told me this story: Her second day in Haiti she came across a boy who was starving. He asked if she had any food. She gave him a granola bar she had. The boy broke the bar into three pieces and gave them to his two friends who had joined them.  Before the starving boy could put his tiny piece of granola bar in his mouth another boy joined them and without a second thought the first boy broke his tiny piece in half and gave it to the fourth little boy. That tiny piece of granola bar was all that boy probably ate that day….

This boy’s strength and the beauty of the Haitian people’s spirit in the face of adversity is inspiring. We, as a global community, must honor that spirit by working to help in the restoration of a devastated country.

It is for that reason that the Global Volunteer Network will be sending groups of volunteers into Haiti in early April. Volunteers will work on a variety of programs under the following three categories: community development, childcare and construction.

If you are interested in volunteering please go to:  http://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org/haiti/

If you are interested in donating to the reconstruction efforts please go to: www.gvnfoundation.org

- Courtney Montague


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