Your Vote Needed to Bring Money Back Down to Earth

By Erika Hval

If you made it to the Reynolds speaker series last semester, you undoubtedly remember lyrical local food innovator Woody Tasch, the founder of the Slow Money Alliance.

For those who don’t know, Slow Money is a nonprofit with a mission to build grassroots food systems by connecting them with local investors. Now, more than ever, we need mechanisms that enhance food security and build the nurture capital industry, a new financial sector supporting the emergence of a restorative economy.

And now Slow Money needs us.

Slow Money is participating in an online competition through, Ideas for Change in America. Individuals on the website vote for their favorite ideas and the 10 ideas with the most votes on Friday, March 12 at 5pm will be presented to relevant members of the Obama administration and benefit from a series of grassroots campaigns launched by and its community.


Please take a quick second to visit the website and vote for Slow Money–they are by no means out of the running, but definitely not a shoe-in either. This will be an uphill battle, but we’re getting close and every vote really will count.

Thanks for the support!

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