Eat So They Can

Courtney Montague

There seems to
be one phrase that unites every Reynolds Fellow, Scholar and Alum- “I am not ok
with this.”

Reynolds Alum
Amita Swadhin is not ok with child abuse and the exploitation of power.
Magogodi Makhene is not ok with the lack of financial resources available to
medium sized businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ben
is not ok with corruption in corporations, especially
organizations in Latin America.

172-children busy in paiting and drawing in AN's care centre-thumb-200x135-170.jpg

For me that
phrase popped up when I walked into a filthy, poor orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal
about five years ago.  I met ill children
covered in sores and drinking green water from a nearby well. I’m not ok with
that, children have no business living in filth; children shouldn’t be
suffering in abject poverty.

That is why I
co-founded Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN Foundation), an
organization that raises money for community based organizations around the
world. The bulk of our partners and programs focus on projects that serve to
assist children living in poverty.

I also believe
that there are a lot of people around the world who honestly don’t realize that
abject poverty affects most of the world’s population. Therefore, to raise
awareness, and funds for our work throughout Africa, Asia and South America GVN
Foundation started the fundraiser ‘Eat So They Can.’ We ‘Eat So They (the
children we serve) Can’… receive medical care, an education, immunizations or
access to clean water.

This is the
fourth annual Eat So They Can and it will take place October 16-17, 2010.
People around the world will host a dinner party, invite their friends, discuss
issues surrounding poverty, and ask their friends to donate. Because we believe
that people should see for themselves what we are doing around the world, any
host that raises $500 or more will be entered into a drawing to win an expense
paid trip to join us as we distribute Eat So They Can funds to projects in
either Haiti, Vietnam, Peru or Kenya.

Our goal is to
raise half a million dollars this year for women, children, anti-trafficking
efforts, and emergency relief projects we are working with in Kenya, Uganda,
Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Rwanda, Nepal, Vietnam, Peru and Haiti.

Please consider
joining us at:

And here’s to
all the people who say ‘that is not ok,’ and get to work changing the system!



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