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Collaborations Bring Renewal of Faith

In November 2010, 2009 Fellow Courtney Montague invited Reynolds Alumnus Magogodi Makhene (2008) to travel with her to New Zealand to facilitate Courtney’s program Be The Change.  Magogodi writes about her experience in her blog Africa’s Moment on  An excerpt is provided below.  Click the link at the end of the post for the full entry.

A Renewal of Faith: Meet Be The Change-Makers
By Magogodi Makhene – Africa’s Moment
This week renewed my faith in why I do what I do.  GVN Be the Change introduced me to a group of passionate, grounded and very real people who welcomed me into their lives and allowed us all to learn from each other.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see each participant and their idea butterfly beyond the embrace of our community.  Fly.  Am so proud to introduce you to my new circle of friends and the work they are doing.
Kent, Palmersto, North New Zealand.
“Everyone can see a kid with a broken arm, how do we see a kid with mental health issues.”  Kent’s presentation of his vision moved the room to silence.  This man is powerful.  He speaks about mental health services for youth from a deeply gutteral and primal place.  He amplifies our best self, the part that helps pull us through dark days, perhaps because he’s been there himself.  And he’s only 18…
To read more, view Magogodi’s full post at Africa’s Moment.

Linda Rottenberg, on High-Impact Entrepreneurship and her upcoming Reynolds talk


December 2, I look forward to visiting NYU Wagner for the Reynolds Program
Speaker Series. In addition to fielding questions, I’m excited to talk about my
own journey as a social entrepreneur and my reflections on the social
entrepreneurship field — which has really gained ground over the past decade.


My own organization, Endeavor, is a
global nonprofit (headquartered a stone’s throw away, in Union Square) that
pioneered the concept of High-Impact Entrepreneurship in emerging markets. For
13 years, we’ve been selecting and supporting high-potential entrepreneurs who
create jobs, generate wealth, and serve as role models.

If you’d like to learn more about
what High-Impact Entrepreneurship is all about and how to get involved, I
encourage you to check out our newly redesigned website and blog (
and stay in touch on Twitter (
and Facebook (

RSVP for Linda’s event on December 2 at 12:30pm by visiting: