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Calling All Social Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the NYU Reynolds Program Blog.

Our blog, created by the NYU Catherine B. Reynolds Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship, is a space for changemakers to interact–to discuss the realm of social entrepreneurship, trends and development accross sectors, updates on their work and their thinking, and anything and everything that impacts the world of changemakers.

Why add to the catalog of 12,610 (give or take) existing blogs that are related, in one way or another, to social entrepreneurship?

Good question. We hope our blog will provide a unique perspective by harnessing the thinking of those that are out there right now, trying to change the world in pattern breaking, sustainable and scalable ways. We hope to create a space where active changemakers can share ideas with the global community.

Who should read this blog?

Anyone and everyone with an interest in social entrepreneurship.

Who are our bloggers?

NYU Reynolds Fellows and Scholars, NYU Reynolds Expert Advisors, Harvard Reynolds Fellows, Social Entrepreneurship students at the New Business School of Amsterdam and other accomplished changemakers and social entrepreneurial thinkers.

If you would like to participate or recommend an organization that should be invited to participate, please email us at reynoldsprogram@nyu.edu with “NYU Reynolds Blog” as the subject line. Include the name of the person and/or organization and the attendant email address. We hope to hear from you!