L Train Closure and Mitigation

The L train tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn will close fully to trains for 18 months in 2019 to repair extensive damage from Superstorm Sandy.  The L has become synonymous with the Brooklyn brand; ridership at Brooklyn’s Bedford Avenue station has increased more than thirty percent since 2010.

The NYU Rudin Center addresses the effects of this closure in our newest report, “L Train Closure and Mitigation,” written by Mitchell L. Moss, Sarah M. Kaufman, Jorge Hernandez and Sam Levy.

This report analyzes how the L train’s surrounding Brooklyn communities will absorb the economic impact of this tunnel closure: jobs, commutes dining and nightlife will be affected, and recommends mitigation measures.

Download the report [pdf]

Read the Wall Street Journal coverage.

6 thoughts on “L Train Closure and Mitigation”

  1. From page 12:
    “Taking the G southbound, they can connect with the A and C at Hoyt-Schermerhorn and the F at Bergen Street.”

    The connection at Bergen St. between the F and G will not help any L train riders get to Manhattan. Any rider following this advice will find himself bound for Coney Island.

    The southbound (downtown) G connects only with the southbound (downtown) F. There is no crossover at this station between the uptown and downtown sides.

  2. A really good study, but what is missing completely is what the L train shut down will mean for those already in Manhattan, but needing to travel East to West, or West to East along 14th Street.

    When will this be addressed?

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