Daniel Steinberg
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Planning

Daniel Steinberg is a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, where he serves as a TA for graduate level courses. Before going to Columbia he was a research analyst at Good Jobs New York, where he was an advocate to promote accountability in the use of economic development subsidies. Steinberg has also served as an instructor and consultant for the Museum of the City of New York, a legislative aide and campaign staff for State Senator Liz Krueger, and legal assistant at the public interest law firm Lansner & Kubitschek. Steinberg earned his BA in American History from University of Chicago and MS in Urban Planning from Columbia University.

Semester Course
Fall 2012 URPL-GP.2660.001 History and Theory of Planning

This course is a general introduction to the theory and practice of urban planning. It aims to acquaint students with the historical antecedents of modern town planning, to introduce them to planning problems and strategies in cities and countries the world over, and to engage them in discussion of a wide range of planning issues. Through readings of classical as well as current texts in the field, lectures by the instructor, class discussion, and the presentation of case studies by students and guest lecturers, students are introduced to the successes and failures of the urban planners in the past, to what we now know about cities and about how to plan and manage them, and to the challenging agenda facing urban planners today.

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