Once you decide to enroll at NYU Wagner, there are a variety of resources and supports available to help you make the most of your academic program, starting with registering for your very first semester of courses.  The Registration Guide is a step-by-step manual that outlines everything you need to know in order to choose your First Semester Course Plan and register for classes.

Students admitted for Fall 2016 who deposited by the April 25 deadline will be able to register for courses beginning on May 9.


MPA, MUP and EMPA Students

Advisement begins with online Registration Advisement Webinars, which are conducted by the program advisor of each program. After participating in a Registration Advisement Webinar, incoming students are assigned to a peer group led by a Peer Advisor.  Once the term begins, students are encouraged to seek out faculty for academic advisement.

PhD students

Because PhD students create a completely customized course of study, they receive individual advisement as they begin their program. Advisors work closely with doctoral students to select appropriate courses and to help them make the most of their time at Wagner.