What advice do past international students have for me?

A student from France regarding Health Insurance:
“The main advice would be to bring copies in English of all your vaccination [immunization] certificates. This will help you to save a lot of time and energy: it is not easy to get all these documents once you are in NYC.”

A student from the Philippines regarding financial resources:
“My key issue before coming here was with regard to financial resources. Given the high tuition costs of NYU and the high cost of living in New York City, I had to plan my budget very carefully and figure out how I could find resources to finance my education.”

A student from Taiwan regarding language and getting started:
“The culture is very different from what I knew, so try to come earlier to get used to it before school starts. It was also difficult to apply for everything like a bank account, phone, social security, IDs… So be persistent, bring a big amount of energy with you.”

A student from the Philippines regarding attending orientation and information sessions:
“I would also recommend that they attend as many orientation and information sessions as possible at the start of school, in order to start thinking of their future career.”

A student from Algeria regarding finding people from your community:
“I would recommend you to speak to people here before coming. Try to get in touch with other people from your home country in New York.”