What should I bring to New York?
Where do students find housing?
How can I open a bank account?
Should I bring my immunization records?
Do I need health insurance?
Do I need to file taxes?

What should I bring to New York?

A group of international NYU students created The OGS Guide for NYU International Students.”  This interactive presentation offers a wide range of useful information, including what you should bring to New York, what you can consider leaving behind and tips on budgeting for common student expenses.  Please take time to browse through this website since it will answer many of your questions and was designed by fellow students, just for you

It is worth noting that while it is hot and humid in New York City in August, by October the temperature begins to drop. You may want to visit a weather website, such as, to look at average temperatures throughout the year.

Where do students find housing?

NYU Off-Campus Housing Office (OCHO)
Many Wagner students live in private off-campus apartments throughout New York City. To see a map of where current Wagner students live, click here.  Finding housing in the city is not without challenges, but NYU’s Off-Campus Housing Office (OCHO) and can help make your search much easier.

OCHO provides assistance to NYU students, faculty and staff - including those with families - who are seeking private off-campus apartment rentals. The Off-Campus Housing Guide provides extensive information about off-campus apartment leases, sublets and share options in the NYU residential area, and information on effective search procedures. You can also pick up this guide at the OCHO at the Kimmel Center. Suite 210 (2nd floor), 60 Washington Square South.  OCHO can also be reached via telephone at 212-998-4620, fax at 212-995-4305 or email at

OCHO and NYU’s Student Resource Center (SRC) organize an off-campus housing mixer where students can meet up with other students who are looking to share apartments or have space to rent in their apartments. This mixer occurs during Graduate Student Welcome Week (see the last page for more information).

To conduct an online search for off-campus housing, log into your NYUHome account and click on the Research tab and select the Off-Campus Housing link on the left-side of the webpage.

The International House, NYC
The International House offers residency to full-time graduate students in New York City.   While there are 700 residents in this program, students must partake in an application process to be accepted.  

International House offers a Women’s International Leadership (WIL) Program which “seeks to prepare a select group of women from diverse cultures and disciplines for the challenges they will face as future leaders.”  

New York City Resources
The NYU Student Resource Center has a useful page with links to guides, newspapers and other New York City information, which you can see here.

Wagner Wants Listserv & Wagner Facebook Group
Classmates can be a great resource for finding roommates and apartments. Wagner Wants is used to advertise for roommates, apartments and even books. To subscribe to the Wagner Wants listserv, log into NYUHome, and under the “Home” tab, click “Browse and Subscribe to an NYU List.” Check the box next to “wagner-wants” and then click “Subscribe” at the bottom of the page. Wagner students also have a Facebook group called "Wagnerds" which you can join HERE.

Temporary Housing
If you need temporary housing while you look for an off-campus apartment, OGS provides information on temporary accommodations.

Off-Campus Housing
If you plan to rent an off-campus apartment, you may be expected to pay up to three months' rent in advance.  
For more information with regards to finances, see the Off-Campus Housing Guide.

How can I open a bank account?

It is not advisable to walk around New York with a large amount of cash. You may wish to open a bank account before entering the United States. Check with a bank in your home country about the easiest way to transfer sums of money in U.S. dollars from home.  Paying for large expenses may take several days to clear U.S. banks.

Students often open an account at one of the banks near the OGS office, after completing their mandatory OGS check-in. A social security number is not required for an F-I or J-I student to open a bank account, but you will need proof of identification and immigration status in the U.S. (passport, I-94, and I-20 or DS-2019). Additional items you should bring include:

  • Your NYU ID card;
  • Any identification documents issued by your government;
  • A letter of enrollment (obtained at the Registrar’s Office at 25 W. 4th St); and
  • Money or a check to deposit.

If you have any problems opening an account, contact OGS for more information. OGS also provides information about opening a bank account in their Welcome to NYU Workshop.

Here is a list of banks with branches near NYU campus that will open accounts for international students: Citibank at 555 LaGuardia Place (next door to OGS), Wells Fargo at 66 Ninth Ave. at 15th St., HSBC  at 9th St. and Broadway, 15th St. and Park Ave., Houston and Broadway, or 8th St. near 5th Ave.

Should I bring my immunization records?

New York State law requires that you submit records showing that you are immunized against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) and Meningitis (MENO). Verification forms are enclosed with the I-20 or DS-2019. Extra forms are available at the OGS office. Questions about how to complete this form should be directed to the NYU Student Health Center at (212) 443-1199, located at 726 Broadway on the 3rd and 4th floors.

If you do not submit proof of vaccination, you must be inoculated at the NYU Student Health Center once you are in New York and pay the relevant fee. Alternatively, you can request information at the NYU Student Health Center about New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene clinics that offer immunization at no charge. For example, the Chelsea Health Center  (303 Ninth Avenue, 1st Floor, Manhattan, New York 10001 Between: 27th and 28th Streets.)

Do I need health insurance?

International students are required to purchase the NYU student health insurance plan. Please take time to read the materials you receive from NYU Student Health Insurance since the materials provide extensive information. International students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the plan, but if you already have a comprehensive plan that meets the NYU Health Insurance criteria, you may be able to waive coverage with documentation. Please note it is not possible to waive the NYU Health Insurance if your insurance carrier is not based in the U.S.

If you have questions regarding health insurance, contact the Student Health Insurance Services at the NYU Student Health Center at 212-443-1020 or

So I need to file taxes?

International students are obligated to file taxes while in the United States- even if they did not work in previous year. Though international students are required legally to file taxes, it may not mean that taxes must be paid. Before filing your tax forms, be sure to review the OGS Frequently Asked Questions page. However, please note that while OGS staff cannot advise students on tax filing.